Center for Islamic Theology

Islamic Religious Education (State Exam)

1. Study Contents

The teaching degree of "Islamic Religious Education" is divided into a didactical and subject-specific part.

The subject-specific part involves the following disciplines:

The didactical part of the programme deals with the mediation of the subject-specific knowledge. Another important area covers the acquisition of ethical and philosophical knowledge and competence. A thorough instruction in Islamic Religious Education will lay the didactical and educational foundation for a secondary education post.

2. Acquisition Requirements

To enroll at university you usually need an academic higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, Fachabitur, Entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences). If you have completed vocational training and have relevant professional experience, you may still be able to go to university. For further information please contact the student advice centre. Students from abroad need a school diploma corresponding to university entrance level.

The study programme of „Islamic Religious Education” is open to students of all faiths and none.

Applicants must have good German language skills, as nearly all courses will be in German. Some courses may be in English, applicants therefore also need good English language skills.

3. Selection Procedure

The admission for the study programme is restricted, i.e. you cannot directly register for admission, but must beforhand participate in an application procedure.

For further information please contact the student advice centre or consult this page.

4. Application

This study programme is no longer offered. Please apply for our new teaching degree programme which leads to the degree Master of Education.

5. Duration of Study

The teaching degree comprises ten semesters. It will be concluded with the State Exam. The teaching degree qualifies for a position as a teacher in schools of higher education.

6. Module Manual

Please follow this link for the module manual for "Islamic Religious Education".

7. Career Options

Apart from a position in a school of higher education, you can also work as a researcher or in ministries.

8. Counselling