Institute of Education

Dr. Sandra Landhäußer

In the winter term 2019/20 Dr. Sandra Landhäußer interimly took over the third professorship on Educational Science with the specialism in social pedagogy. Her research priorities are parental and family education, professional child-raising support, exclusions and social inequality in social work as well as participation in pedagogical institutions.

Curriculum Vitae

1976 born in Karlsruhe

Magister in educational science, psychology and sociology from the University of Heidelberg


Research assistant with the DFG-funded project “ Räumlichkeit und soziales Kapital in der Sozialen Arbeit. Zur Governance des sozialen Raums“, [= “Spatiality and social capital in social work: the governance of social space“], being conducted by AG8, Sozialarbeit / Sozialpädagogik, a taskforce of the pedagogy faculty of the University of Bielefeld


CEO of the Bielefeld Center for Education and Capability Research at the University of Bielefeld


Dr. Phil. from the pedagogy faculty of the University of Bielefeld. Title of dissertation: “Nachbarschaft, Gemeinwesen, Sozialraum – Communityorientierung in der Sozialen Arbeit“ [=“Neighbourhood, community and social space – the community orientation in social work“]


Research stay at the School of Social Policy & Practice, Penn University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Facilitated by a grant from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (henceforth DAAD)


Research Associate at the ‘Bielefeld Center for Education and Capability Research’, University of Bielefeld

Since June 2008

Research assistant at the Department of Social Pedagogy, Institute of Educational Science, University of Tübingen