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Sociology of Gender

Prof. Dr. Marion Müller

   Sebastian Moser  -   Karolin Mattes   -   Marion Müller  


Profile of the research area

Sociology of gender differentiation mainly addresses two questions: i) whether members of a society categorize between male and female, and ii) in what kind of social situation they refer to it. Further, we explore how these differentiations are accomplished and what kind of social consequences they imply. Differences of gender are assumed to be mostly independent from biological characteristics and that these attributes vary due to historical and cultural context. Respectively it is neither essential to divide people into exactly two categories of gender and/or sex nor to make a distinction by reasons of physical differences. We assume that this principle of contingency also applies to other forms of categorizing people, namely by ethnic origin, social class or disability.



Prof. Dr. Marion Müller

Team assistant

Karolin Mattes


Dr. phil. Sebastian Moser


Student Assistants
Mona Haddada

Research interests

  • General sociology and Sociological Theory
  • Sociology of Human Differentiation (especially gender, ethnicity and disability)
  • Sociology of the body and Sociology of sports
  • Interaction theory
  • Sociology of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Globalization and World Society Theory

Research projects


Courses in the summer semester 2019

Language of instruction in all courses is German.

BA Sociology
MA Sociology with focul on empirical social research