Department of Biology

Exchange Students

Thank you for your interest in exchange studies at our department. In order to ensure that the course of your studies runs smoothly, please observe the following regulations.

  • Applications can only to be submitted to the Department of International Affairs (Dezernat “Internationale Angelegenheiten“). All information concerning applications can be found here.
  • All our courses and lectures can be found in the online course catalogue of the University of Tübingen under the heading: “7 Faculty of Science/Biology“: Starting summer 2020: new catalogue.
  • The course catalogue for the summer semester (April 1st to September 30th) of each academic year is available from the end of January and the catalogue for the winter semester (October 1st to March 31st) from the end of July. You can also use the course catalogues of previous semesters as a preliminary guide. Excerpts from the course catalogue are to be found here: summer semester, winter semester
  • First to third-year students should choose the courses and lectures under the heading „Bachelor“ in the catalogue. Fourth and fifth-year students may choose courses from our master’s degree program in addition to the bachelor’s degree courses.
  • The teaching language for 80 to 90% of the bachelor’s degree program (=1st to 3rd year, "Bioxxx" or "3xxx") is German. Successful participation is not possible without a sufficient proficiency in German (level B2 at least).
  • In the master’s degree program (=4th & 5th year, "4xxx"), numerous courses and lectures are held in English. You can look for specific courses given in English with the help of the search function in the course catalogue. The master’s degree courses are, in general, suitable for advanced students. If you feel competent enough, you might select these courses even if you are in 3rd year or lower.
  • We offer two types of courses: block courses (4 weeks) and “Schiene” (x h per semester week) where “W” stands for winter, “S” for summer. A block course will be finished after 4 weeks, including exam. Usually it will not be possible to combine two blocks in the same slot (e.g. 2 x W1). It is quite easy, though, to combine blocks and one or two “Schiene” courses, for their schedules will not conflict.
  • You may not select project modules, colloquia, seminars for doctoral students and academic staff, progress reports or laboratory courses in immunology. Courses in the Faculty of Medicine do not usually have free places for exchange students. The courses in most of the other faculties are, on the other hand, open to you, on condition that places are available.
  • As the automatic allocation of places for our courses will most probably take place before your arrival in Tübingen, please contact the responsible lecturers via email and ask them to register you for the courses manually. In many cases, however, places for the courses are still free even after the semester has started. Regular time slots for registering electronically to courses: Summer: mid February to mid March, winter mid July to mid August. Exact dates for the registering period are to be found in the online course catalogue.
  • For we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee the access to the courses you selected in advance, you should inform your home institution about the fact that after your arrival, changes in the "Learning Agreement" or in your (already approved) list of courses are very likely.
  • Usually our students would take 30 ECTS credits per semester. 1 ECTS credit is equivalent to 25-30 h of total workload (10 h contact). Most biology courses yield 6 ECTS credits, some of them 9 or 12. For details see course catalogue.
  • It is important that you contact our Academic Advisory Service immediately after your arrival in Tübingen, as they will help you to get started in our department. You should always arrive in Tübingen well before the Semester starts. The respective dates are to be found here.
  • The results of all your assessed coursework in biology will be automatically recorded in the data bank of the Biology Examinations Office. Certificates of achievement from university language courses or from courses taken in other departments (e.g. biochemistry, medicine, etc) have to be submitted by you/ by the professor to the Examinations Office in order to be recorded. On the completion of your exchange studies, you will be entitled to an official transcript of record (in English and/or German). Please remember to apply for your transcript well in advance (before your return home!), as the Examinations Office needs a certain amount of time to process it.

Please note that all the regulations mentioned above apply to the Department of Biology only. In other departments (Biochemistry, Medicine etc.), different regulations often apply and for this reason we can provide no information or assistance with regard to courses held by other departments.

We wish you a successful and informative course of studies at our department!


Prof. Dr. Oliver Betz, Dean of Studies Bachelor

Prof. Dr. Joachim Ostwald, Dean of Studies Master

Dr. Matthias Stoll, Student Advisory Service/Departmental Coordinator