Department of Mathematics

First Prize of the Conference of Mathematical Departments

Paul Nicolai Weiß was awarded the First Prize for excellent theses in teacher training courses 2020 for his scientific work on the subject of "Elementary antiderivatives and the Liouville-Ostrowski theorem" from the Conference of Mathematical Departments. The laudation says: "The work is a very demanding, highly precise and impressive elaboration, which in scope and mathematical depth goes far beyond the usual level of final theses. A difficult and interesting topic is handled very well, references to mathematics lessons are shown and the enthusiasm of the candidate for his topic is directly noticeable."

International Mathematics Competition for University Students (IMC)

The International Mathematics Competition (IMC) for students has been held annually since 1994 and is aimed at mathematics students in their first four years of study. The participating universities usually send their students in teams; however, each participant works on the tasks set alone and also receives a personal score. More than 500 students from over 100 universities worldwide take part in the competition.

At the 29th IMC in August 2022, the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tübingen was represented by Veronika Körber, Tobias Schnieders and Paul Vögele. The team, led by JProf. Dr. Angela Capel Cuevas, achieved a remarkable 35th place out of 100 in the overall ranking. In the individual ranking, Tobias Schnieders won a first prize, Paul Vögele a second prize and Veronika Körber a third prize. It was the first participation of students from our department in this very competitive competition and the department congratulates the students on their very good result.