Department of Mathematics

Teaching Equality (TEA)

In most fields the percentage of women among the professors is still significantly lower then their percentage among first-year students. The percentage decreases in the qualifying phase step by step. Reasons for this are manifold. An approach to counter this are female role models, that show the female students and young scientists, that a successful academic career is possible. Furthermore they can give advise as mentors. Since 2007 the University of Tübingen actively supports this way with the Teaching Equality female guest professor programme, which up to now enabled 21 female scientists a one-semester guest professorship in Tübingen. Further information about the programme is on the web pages of the university about the programme.

During the winter semester 2018/19 the successful young academic Anna-Maria von Pippich, at the moment junior professor at the TU Darmstadt, will stay the department of mathematics in the frame of the programme. Prof. von Pippich is an expert in the area of number theory and Arakelov theory and will enrich the department's course programme with lectures in algebra and number theory. Her scientific work and her textbooks receive high praise and her excellent teaching recently yielded her the departmental Athene-Award for good teaching at the TU Darmstadt.

During the winter semester 2008/09 the young academic Priska Jahnke from the University of Bayreuth spend one semester in Tübingen. Dr. Jahnke is a specialist in complex algebraic geometry, in particular in Fano varieties. She gave a lecture on algebraic surfaces and a seminar in her scientific area. After her time in Tübingen Dr. Jahnke received a fixed-term professorship at the FU Berlin.