Department of Mathematics

Teaching Award of the University of Tübingen

Since 2007 the University of Tübingen anually advertises an award for especially sustainable teaching and dedication for students. The selection procedure is carried out by the Senate Comission for Study and Teaching. More information about the teaching award can be found on the web pages of the university on the teaching award.

In 2022, the University of Tübingen's teaching award goes to Prof. Dr. Rainer Nagel from the Department of Mathematics for the internet seminar Evolution Equations. Initiated 25 years ago by Rainer Nagel with the participation of students from three German universities, up to 500 students from 120 universities in 40 countries worldwide now take part in the seminar every year. In three phases from October to June, online units are combined with face-to-face sessions and introduce participants to scientific work in mathematics over a period of almost a year. At the final workshop in presence, about 60 participants present the results of their groups to the scientific leaders. The exchange about their own scientific results and the experience of community are important aspects of this. The internet seminar is now supported by an expert committee of 15 internationally renowned scientists. (Press release on the Teaching Award 2022 -- in German only)

In 2021, the University of Tübingen's teaching award will go to Dr. Stefan Keppeler, Prof. Dr. Hannah Markwig, Prof. Dr. Thomas Markwig and Prof. Dr. Roderich Tumulka from the Department of Mathematics. In mathematics education, the examination of mathematical concepts and methods in private study by regularly working on tasks as well as the discussion of one's own solution approaches with fellow students and critical feedback on the finished solutions plays a central role. The award winners were honoured for their teaching-learning concept, which ensures this exchange in a purely digital teaching-learning format. In addition to the four award winners, many other faculty members were involved in the implementation. (Press release on the Teaching Award 2021 -- in German only)

In 2017 the teaching award of the University of Tübingen is awarded to Juniorprofessor Dr. Carla Cederbaum and Dr. Stefan Keppeler from the department of mathematics. They are singled out for their innovative teaching concept, which they have developed for the course Flüchtlinge unterrichten: professioneller Umgang mit inhomogenen Gruppen ohne einheitliche Unterrichtssprach (Teaching Refugees: professional handling of inhomogeneous groups without a uniform teaching language) and which they have successfully implemented. They broke new ground on the one hand enabling people in a difficult stage in their life the access to education in the form of the key competence mathematics, on the other hand training education students in the professional handling of learners with a variety of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds with actual practice. (Press release about the Teaching Award 2017 -- in German only)