Department of Mathematics

DMV "Mathemacher" of the month

DMV has been portraying the Mathemacher of the month since 2008. Mathemacher are ambassadors for mathematics. With their commitment they give mathematics in Germany a face and support the concern to get as many people as possible enthusiastic about mathematics. Their ideas, actions and enthusiasm show a dedication to substantial and sustainable mathematics, which can be exemplary for others. Anja Fetzer from the University of Tübingen is the Mathemacher for the months of May and June 2020.

Anja Fetzer has also developed the mathematical game Ganita for the lower grades in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Carla Cederbaum with the support of Dr. Elke Müller and Lea Lange, graphic & design Michael Féaux. It is distributed by Mathe im Leben gGmbH with the support of the Cluster of Excellence MATH+ and can be ordered here or by emailing A print it yourself version is available free of charge through Imaginary.