Institute of Media Studies

The Media Studies Student Council

What we do

Above all, we see ourselves as the voice of the students, but also as a "medium", as negotiators between the interests of Media Studies students and the lecturers. We maintain regular contact with the lecturers in order to pass on our impressions from daily uni life, but also to find out what their concerns are and what's happening in uni admin. We're also happy to answer open questions on the organisation of degree programmes and daily student life.

We appoint a student representative to the council of the Humanities - Rhetoric - Media faculty that was first created with the reorganisation of the faculties for the 2010/11 winter semester.

We also put on our events that are designed to give students and lecturers an opportunity to look a little further than the "rim" of daily uni life. The "Media professionals for breakfast" series has taken place several times, and media professionals will have other opportunities in the future to talk about their daily working lives in small groups.

In the beginning of every winter semester we organise an orientation week for first-year students to give them a chance to get to know their new city, the university and its delights and peculiarities, and their fellow students.

Join us!?

We're always happy to meet new members - you're welcome to come to one of our meetings or send us an email (address below), whether you want to join us or just see what's going on.

Questions, suggestions, requests, criticism ...

... can all be sent by email - or you can get them off your chests at a consultation.


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