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Dr. Pia Fruth

Pia Fruth is on the academic staff of the Institute of Media Studies.

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Experiencing, analysing, researching, preparing and relaying are the core competencies of any good journalist – and any good scientist. What links the two is a curiosity about new things, as the journalists put it, and a thirst for knowledge, as the scientists call it. That is why Pia Fruth has been an enthusiastic radio journalist since the late 90s, chairing panel discussions and writing theatre reviews. And that is why, for some time now, she has also been applying the same enthusiasm to sharing the many and exciting aspects of radio with her media students. She is particularly interested in the human voice; its effects and nuances, and its role as one of the most unmistakeable characteristics of a human being. Other key areas are scientific and journalistic writing as well as media literacy and education.

Curriculum Vitae

Pia Fruth studied Rhetoric, Spanish and French at the University of Tübingen and joined the private radio station Neckar-Alb-Radio in Reutlingen as an intern after graduating. In 2001 she won the Regional Media Award.

Although she worked at and completed internships in various daily newspapers and magazines during her studies, she remains loyal to radio to this day. Since 2003 she has been on the permanent freelance staff of the SWR, at Studio Tübingen on the Österberg. Her feature “Off to India” won her the Mittelstand Media Award in 2007. In various practical projects she is also working on media education for children and teenagers by radio and sound in general. How to tell good and thrilling media stories has always been very important to her.

Pia Fruth is member of the management board of the institute since 2017. In 2018 she published her dissertation about The History of the Compact Cassette and obtained her doctorate with the degree Dr. phil.

Main publications

Fruth, Pia (2021): Krisen-Radio aus dem Baumhaus. Akustischer Protest gegen den Bau der Startbahn West. In: RuG 47, Nr. 1-2/2021, Wernigerode. S. 35 – 41. [Case study on the acoustic protest against the Startbahn West]

Fruth, Pia (2018): Record.Play.Stop. Die Ära der Kompaktkassette. Eine medienkulturelle Betrachtung. Transcipt Bielefeld. [Case study on history and cultural pratices of the Compact Cassette]

Fruth, Pia (1999): Das Wort zum Sonntag - Fallstudie und Anleitung zur religiösen Rede im Fernsehen. [Case study and guidelines for religious addresses on TV.] Tübingen: Master’s Thesis in Rhetoric.