Institute of Media Studies

Animation Research Colloquium der Universität Tübingen

The Animation Research Colloquium at the University of Tübingen is specifically dedicated to the broad and rapidly evolving field of animation. Animation is understood in all its diversity: among other things, as a form of art and entertainment, as a means of knowledge and information transfer, and as a cultural practice in various social, artistic, scientific, and technical contexts.

The colloquium offers a forum for young researchers and post-docs to exchange and discuss their research on animation. The colloquium is open to all disciplines: from media studies and art history to computer science and cognitive science. Project ideas, individual questions and problems as well as larger research projects and theses can be discussed. The colloquium was founded in 2018 and takes place twice a year, since 2020 as an online event.

For more information, get in contact with Dr. Erwin Feyersinger.