Institute of Media Studies

Habilitation Projects

Dr Erwin Feyersinger

Research topic

Meaning-Making at the Intersection of Science and Popular Culture: Cinematic and Embodied Movement Schemata in Dynamic (Data) Visualizations

Contact: erwin.feyersingerspam

PhD Projects

Naima Alam

Research topic

Explainer Animations: A Critical Analysis of Explainer Animations and Their Utility In Educational, Promotional, and Propagational Purposes


Contact: naima.alamspam 

Lukas Kohmann

Research topic

Künstliche Intelligenz im Film – Untersuchung der Wechselwirkung von Fiktion, Forschung und Gesellschaft 


Contakt: lukas.kohmannspam

Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki

Research topic

Augmented Reality Animation as a New Tool for the Globalization of Nature-related Concerns


Contact: mahboobeh.mohammadzakispam 

Completed Phd Projects

Tina Ohnmacht

Research topic

Fließende Bewegungen und Prozesse des Verflüssigens: Wasseranimationen in animierten Kurzfilmen

Contact: tina.ohnmachtspam 

Luzie Kollinger

Research topic

Körper und Leib im Animationsfilm

Contact: lkollingerspam