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Information for International Incoming Students

 English-taught courses

Welcome to the Institute of Media Studies at the University of Tübingen!

If you want to spend a semester in Tübingen studying in the field of Media Studies, Communication Studies or Journalism, you will find important information on this website.

Media Studies in Tübingen: What to expect

If you are a prospective exchange student who trying to assess whether Tübingen would be a good fit for them, let us introduce ourselves:

Our areas of academic strength are in the fields of media production (film, tv, audio, print and online) in combination with media theroy and analysis.

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive theoretical seminars that aim to develop our students into critical media professionals.

We teach in the areas of media and communication, journalism, critical/cultural studies, film and animation, advertising and strategic communication, and digital media and society.

If you are a prospective exchange student who has already been accepted to study in Tübingen, please rest assured that we offer a minimum of 30 ECTS in English-language classes every semester.

How to apply for an exchange semester in Tübingen

The entire application process is organized on university level. Information on how to apply can be found at the International Office of the University of Tübingen:

Erasmus and exchange to Tübingen  

What classes can I take in Tübingen and how do I register?

The classes offered by the Institute of Media Studies include German and English language Media Studies classes. Detailed information as well as our registration form are provided here:

Media Studies classes for exchange students

As an international exchange student, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing classes: You can not only take classes from the Institute of Media Studies, but also from many other subjects and faculties. For example, the English Department regularly offers English-language classes with a strong media connection.

There are also special language courses for exchange students. For example, brush up on your German by enrolling in one of the University’s many language courses (levels A1 to C2).

So there are many options open to you! You can find out more about the wide range of course options here:

Course options for international students

What English-language Media Studies classes are offered?

In the Institute of Media Studies at Tübingen, we generally offer course-work in German. However, we regularly offer courses in English, both to foster language competency in our local students while increasing the choices of potential courses for our incoming international students. Our experience shows that these settings not only foster the integration of our international students but also create spaces for intercultural exchange.

Every winter term and every summer term we offer English-taught courses with an equivalent of 30 ECTS. International students can earn 24 ECTS by enrolling in three Media Analysis or Media Theory courses. These courses often reflect the actual research activities of our instructors, so the specific topics and contents vary. In addition, the Institute offers one practical course on Media Production every semester; topic areas include film and broadcast journalism (radio, TV, digital). At times, we also offer research methods courses in English (e.g., Qualitative Methods).

Winter / summer term
Media Theory / Media Analysis A 8 ECTS
Media Theory / Media Analysis B 8 ECTS
Media Theory / Media Analysis C 8 ECTS
Media Production 6 ECTS
  30 ECTS

During your stay: It is important that you keep track of your own credit timeline. For final exams and papers, you might want to negotiate earlier submission dates with your instructors to ensure timely credit processing. We recommend this as academic calendars across the world can vary quite extensively. Once a grade has been awarded, we will send a certificate to the admissions officer, who will collate all credits and issue your final transcript to take back. 

Who will help me with my questions?

Your most important contact person is Simone Hahne in the International Office. She is the admissions officer and student adviser for all international students and in charge of helping you. She offers administrative support and advice on all matters relating to the exchange process (enrollment, orientation events, language classes, housing, etc.).

Erasmus and exchange to Tübingen

If you have any questions concerning your course selection and the Institute of Media Studies, please contact us – the Departmental Exchange Coordination Team at the Institute of Media Studies. We are here to assist you here on site. We look forward to meeting you in Tübingen!

Departmental Coordination (Media Studies)