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Prof Dr Guido Zurstiege

Guido Zurstiege, born in 1968, is Professor for Media Studies (focus on empirical media research).

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Guido Zurstiege's research work focuses on advertising and corporate communication, media culture, media and communication theory, and reception and impact research.

CV Prof. Dr. Guido Zurstiege

Chair of Empirical Media Research
Institute for Media Studies
University of Tübingen

Guido Zurstiege studied communication science, English literature and language and economics at the University of Münster. In his research, Guido Zurstiege is currently concerned with advertising, health communication and forms of media renunciation (disconnection studies).

Recent publications

Buder, J., Rabl, L., Feiks, M., Badermann, M., & Zurstiege, G.  (2020). Does negatively toned language on social media lead to attitude polarization? Computers in Human Behavior

Mack, I., Reiband, N., Etges, C., Eichhorn, S., Schaeffeler, N., Zurstiege, G., . . . Zipfel, S. (2020). The Kids Obesity Prevention Program: Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate a Serious Game for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity. Journal of mMedical Internet research, 22(4). doi:10.2196/15725

Leehr, E., Giel, K. E., Schaeffeler, N., Mack, I., Thiel, A., Zurstiege, G., & Zipfel, S.  (2018). Where Do You Look? Visual Attention to Human Bodies across the Weight Spectrum in Individuals with Normal Weight or with Obesity. Obes Facts, 11, 277–286. doi:10.1159/000489787

Zurstiege, Guido (2019). Taktiken der Entnetzung. Die Sehnsucht nach Stille im digitalen Zeitalter. Berlin: Suhrkamp.

Other media studies activities

Main publications

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