Institute of Media Studies

Chairs at the Institute of Media Studies

Audiovisual media, Film, and Television

Research focus and topics include feature and documentary film, especially with the topics of image design, color and light, animation, dramaturgy, serial storytelling, and science communication. In addition to the artistic forms of film, this also includes all forms of journalism, for example on television, on the net or on the radio.

Digitisation and social responsibility

Research interests include digitization as social discourse, media ethics, stereotypes and discrimination, media theories and history, political communication, publics and elections, media content and media audiences, media generations and media use, gender media studies, journalism and professional field research.

Empirical Media Research

Research interests and topics include: Advertising and Corporate Communication, Media Culture, Media and Communication Theory, and Reception and Impact Research.

Media innovation and media change

Research interests include theories of image, sign, media and communication in historical and systematic orientation, along with the fields of aesthetics and cultural theory as well as the philosophical problems of psychology, history of psychology and cognitive science.

Print and online media

Research interests and central topics include: media change in the digital age, crisis and reputation management, communication models and communication theories, staging styles in politics and the media, and the dynamics of scandals as a reflection of current value debates.

Transformations of media culture

Research interests and topics include (critical) media, communication and cultural theories, media sociology, feminist media and communication studies, cultural (media) studies, transcultural media communication and media research.