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PD Dr. Ulrich Hägele

Ulrich Hägele, born in 1958, is on the academic staff at the Center of Media Competence - ZFM.

Universität Tübingen
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Raum 023, EG Zentrum für Medienkompetenz
D-72074 Tübingen

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Ulrich Hägele's key scientific topics lie in the context of history and daily life in media visualisation. His research is primarily into the history of photography, illustrated print media, iconographic questions and the digitisation of visual media and fashion. In his lectures, Ulrich Hägele runs his own project-orientated seminars such as the multi-semester study project from 1997 to 1998 (with Gudrun König) on the NS photographer Hans Retzlaff, and the 2006 exhibition project on Hermann Bausinger's ethnographic photography of the 1950s. Books on both events have been published.

Ulrich Hägele is also a visiting lecturer in textiles and design at the Reutlingen University, and with the Career Service of the University of Tübingen. As a freelance university coach with his own agency, he provides support for academic graduates with their theses. Ulrich Hägele also has more than 20 years experience as an exhibition organiser and curator in the visual arts, photography and everyday culture. For 2011 he designed a show on the subject of 150 years of the railway in Tübingen for the City Museum.

Curriculum Vitae

Ulrich Hägele studied Empirical Cultural Sciences and the History of Art in Tübingen. After receiving his master's degree he developed an exhibition concept for the Schönbuch-Museum in Dettenhausen and supervised its installation (1989-1991). This was followed by various PR activities, in particular on behalf of the Forestry Commission in Tübingen. From 1993 to 1995 he held a scholarship awarded by Baden-Württemberg. His dissertation was on the image of Germans in French magazines of the 1930s ("Das Bild der Deutschen in französischen Illustrierten der 1930er Jahre"), and focused on photography, photo montage and caricature. From 1993 to 1994 he was a researcher in Paris with a scholarship from the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. After receiving his Ph.D. (1996) he worked as a freelance in the current editorial office of the Südwestfunk in the Tübingen regional studio. From 1999 to 2000 he was editor in training (RIA) in the editorial offices of SWR TV: Landesschau, Landesschau unterwegs (Stuttgart) and Kultur (Baden-Baden).

In 2000 Ulrich Hägele embarked on research at the Ludwig-Uhland Institute for Empirical Cultural Science at the University of Tübingen as part of the DFG project "Fotografie und Volkskunde", standing in for the vacant chair (2002/2003). He has been working in Tübingen Media Studies since 2006, and in April 2010 he took over as head of Tübingen's Micro-Europa editorial offices. The project, which is supported by the EU, consists of twelve university radio stations all over Europe. Important publications have been translated into English, French and Russian. His book on photo-ethnography and visual method in folklore/ethnographic cultural studies ("Foto-Ethnographie. Die visuelle Methode in der volkskundlichen Kulturwissenschaft") won the 2009 German Photo Book Prize of the public association of the German book trade.

Other media studies activities

Main publications

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