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Prof Dr Klaus Sachs-Hombach

Klaus Sachs-Hombach, born 1957, is Professor of Media Studies (Focus on Media Innovation / Media Change)

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The focus of Klaus Sachs-Hombach’s research work is on key topics such as theories of images, media, and communication in a historical and systematic perspective, the areas of aesthetic and cultural theory, and the philosophical problems of psychology and cognitive science. This recently gave rise to an interest in aesthetic and ethical problems of media change and modern image culture that was condensed in a number of essays on the theory of film, modern art, virtual reality, game studies, and the political dimension of the new media.

The deeper philosophical problem that accompanies these undertakings lies in the appropriate definition of the relationship between theory and practice, philosophy and science, conceptual reflection and empirical research. A delineation of the validity in both directions appears to be particularly appropriate with regard to questions concerning human self-perception. Philosophical rationality remains irrelevant if it is not processed in scientific theories and terminology; conversely, without philosophical reflection, scientific rationality is at risk of losing sight of its higher goals.

In recent research he is looking at media reflections in terms of the threat discourse and american order since the attacks of September 11, 2001. This project G07


Project G07 looks at the modes of threat discourse spawned by the events of September 11, 2001. Particular attention is given to the role the media played in diagnosing real or imagined threat scenarios in the context of the ‘War on Terror.’ Pivotal here are the modes of media reflection, observable in political-legal, artistic-esthetic and public-journalistic discourses, addressing a) the national and cultural self-image of the USA and b) the resultant possibilities for re-ordering.

Curriculum Vitae

Klaus Sachs-Hombach studied philosophy, psychology, and German Studies at the University of Münster. After receiving his Ph.D. (1990) from the University of Münster and completing his post-doctoral studies (2003) at the University of Magdeburg, he was research associate at the Institute of Simulation and Graphics at the University of Magdeburg. In 2007, he was appointed Professor of Philosophy with a focus on cognitive sciences at the TU Chemnitz. In 1993 and 1994, he undertook research at Oxford and the MIT in Cambridge (MA).

Other Academic Activities

In addition to launching and directing the internet platform “Virtuelles Institut für Bildwissenschaft” (VIB) and the online magazine “IMAGE. Journal for Interdisciplinary Image Science”, Klaus Sachs-Hombach founded the “Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre Bildwissenschaft (GIB)” in 2009 (see

Main publications

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