AAVAR Project: Isotopic variability of bone collagen essential amino acids in mammals within an ecosystem – actualistic approach with implications for paleoecological reconstructions

The AAVAR Project includes Maciej Krajcarz’s fellowship in Biogeology Research Group at the University of Tübingen and his research activity. The purpose is to obtain new and unique isotopic data that will be further used to refine paleoecological reconstructions. The project aims at preliminary estimation of the isotopic diversity of essential amino acids (EAAs) in bone collagen of herbivorous animals within a single ecosystem. The research method is spectrometric analysis (GC/C/IRMS) of single AAs extracted from bone collagen. The project is of a pilot nature; it is expected to be further continued. Learning analytical techniques will allow the fellow to implement this method in his home unit, the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland. Setting an international consortium of two labs focused on AAs analysis in fossil bones – in Tübingen and in Warsaw – is our long-term goal.

Dr. habil. Maciej T. Krajcarz

NAWA fellow, Principal Investigator in the AAVAR Project 
Room S535
Hölderlinstr. 12 72074 Tübingen Germany
Tel. +49 (0)7071 / 29-73231

Email: mkrajcarzspam


Prof. Hervé Bocherens

Room S542
Hölderlinstr. 12
72074 Tübingen

Tel: +49 (0)7071 / 29-76988

Peter Tung

Lab / IRMS Technician
Room S219
Hölderlinstr. 12
72074 Tübingen

 +49 (0)7071 / 29-73285  (Lab: x73195)



Publications of the project

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The project is funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange within the Bekker 2023 fellowship program