FORAMINIFERA - a catalogue of typical forms

4th revised English edition 2020.
Rönnfeld, W. 2020. Foraminifera a catalogue of typical forms.
Grzybowski Foundation Special Publication, 24, 159 pp., hardcover.
ISBN: 978–83-941956-3-2

FORAMINIFERA - a catalogue of typical forms

Foraminifera are a diverse and successful group of single-celled organisms, that have been around for more than 550 million years. They have wide distribution, from the poles to the equator, and are found at all depths of the oceans.

Living foraminifera are slimy unicellular creatures that produce ornate simple or multichambered tests (shells). Equipped with a solid test, they are often preserved as fossils. Their empty tests can persist hundreds of million years or longer in such outstanding condition, as if they died recently. Foraminifera are one of the most important geological story-tellers. Their high diversity and global distribution in sediments, combined with their rapid evolution  make them ideal index fossils and paleoenvironmental indicators. Through time, their species evolved and their shells recorded the climate of the periods during which they lived.

In this catalogue typical forms were carefully selected, and presented systematically in words and pictures. A glossary helps with explanations of terms, and gives an overview of variations of the test features. This book is designed for the
student and professional alike.



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