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Scientific Tools for Optimized Understanding of Transactional Ecology in Microbial-Networks

Connected Communities: A New Frontier in Microbial Interaction Research

A critical aspect of our work involves unraveling the intricate interactions between microorganisms, a challenge that has long been elusive in scientific research. Our 'Connected Communities' technology facilitates the cultivation of microbial isolates as if they are part of a complex microbial community. This approach grants us access to a domain of microorganisms that were once uncultivable, enabling comprehensive studies of microbe-microbe and microbe-environment interactions. The spatial separation of microbial communities transforms the way we can explore microbial interactions, unlocking the intricate web of life at the cellular-boundary level. 


Dynamic Cultivation: Liberating Hidden Functional Behavior

The true behavior of microbes and microbial communities only shows itself when it is exposed to certain cultivation conditions. Essentially all natural environments are subject to ever changing conditions, from scarce nutrient availability to its sudden abundance and more regular day-night cycles leading to fluctuations on all possible dimensions and timescales. Most of life evolved under dynamic conditions, and as such developed different functional strategies to exploit a competitive edge. We aim to identify and characterize microbial diversity and functionality by studying microorganisms in presence of dynamics.


Open-Source Science: Advancing Microbial Studies Through Collaboration

Our lab is committed to establishing and maintaining partnerships with global research groups and industrial partners, focusing on the development and refinement of innovative research tools and methodologies at the forefront of microbial studies. Our collaborative efforts enhance our ability to study microbial interactions, allowing the translation of scientific findings into practical applications across environmental, industrial, and pharmaceutical biotechnology. We furthermore champion the principles of open-source science, contributing to open-source software and hardware. This commitment not only enhances the collective capabilities for microbial cultivation and analysis, but also promotes a culture of transparency and collaboration in scientific research.

Dr. Gerben Stouten

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