Institute of Education

Florian Dobmeier, M.A.

Florian Dobmeier studied Pedagogy/Philosophy (B.A.), Pedagogy with a focus on Organisational Pedagogy (M.A.) as well as Bildung and Education: Culture – Politics – Society (M.A.) at the universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Tübingen and Oslo. During this time he has worked as a research assistant in various projects in the field of school pedagogy, differential pedagogy and foundations of pedagogy. Furthermore, he has tutored several courses. Since April 2020, he has been an academic assistant and doctoral candidate in the Department of General Pedagogy in Tübingen, where he is currently working at the chair of Prof. Dr. Marcus Emmerich.

Dobmeier's main focus is on operative and poststructuralist theories of education, socialtheory and epistemology (especially contemporary Luhmann'ian systems theory), qualitative methodologies (especially theoretical empiricism) and pedagogical semantics of difference. The doctoral project is dedicated to the sociality of the Homo Educandus as a reference problem of pedagogical epistemology.