Institute of Education

Dr. Laura Böckmann

Laura Böckmann is a research assistant in the Department of General Education (Allgemeine Pädagogik) at the Institute of Educational Science at the University of Tübingen.

In her doctoral thesis Laura Böckmann examines loyalty as a morality of partiality and discusses, in view of the high number of unreported cases of sexual abuse, whether and if so, to what extent loyal ties can be considered a motive for non-intervention of the social environment of perpetrator and victim. The focus is on loyalties of professionals and teachers in educational institutions.

German title: „Weil nicht sein kann was nicht sein darf. Über Loyalität als Motiv, über sexuellen (Macht)Missbrauch zu schweigen – am Beispiel (sozial)pädagogischer Institutionen“

With her thesis Laura Böckmann won the dissertation competition "promotion" 2020 of the publishing house Barbara Budrich.