Institute of Education

Prof. Dr. Markus Rieger-Ladich

Markus Rieger-Ladich holds the chair for Philosophy of Education at the Institute of Education, University of Tübingen. He is a member of the DFG Research Training Group "Doing Transitions" and the DFG Network "Theoretical Research in Educational Science".

He is currently interested in the analysis and critique of privilege. The focus is on educational privilege, but also on class and gender, whiteness and heteronormativity. First results were published as "Das Privileg. Kampfvokabel und Erkenntnisinstrument" (2022). He also does research on autosociobiographical texts: Books in which educational climbers reconstruct their lives provide valuable insights into practices of exclusion, shaming, and discrimination at school and university. Furthermore, together with Christoph Koller (Hamburg), he is leading the DFG project "On the Failure of Educational Ambitions as Reflected in Literature" (2023-2026).

To make results of academic research accessible to a broader public, Markus Rieger-Ladich is involved in the Studium Generale and organises public lecture series. He comments on current affairs in his column "Bildung etc.", appearing in the online magazine "rauchzeichen".