Institute of Sports Science


The considerations on interdisciplinarity and problem orientation form the research-paradigmatic framework and are to be deepened in superordinate colloquia. In addition, monothematic or monodisciplinary colloquia are to be offered following Heckhausen’s 1987 demand that scientific knowledge, in the strict sense, can only be gained in a disciplinary manner, without, however, completely dispensing with interdisciplinary exchange.

The program consists of two different types of colloquia:

1. Interdisciplinary 3-day Summer/Winter School

The interdisciplinary 3-day Summer/Winter School takes place annually. This event is mandatory for all members of the PhD program. Three differing content blocks are planned:

  • Interdisciplinary foundations of an interdisciplinary (problem-oriented) sport science (e.g. problem/application orientation, social responsibility, interdisciplinarity, research ethics and scientific theory topics);
  • Thematically (e.g. talent research, empirical school sports research, organizational development) and/or disciplinarily (e.g. sport sociology, sport psychology, sport medicine) focused workshops within which, among other things, individual dissertation projects are discussed;
  • Special interest groups – self-directed sessions that offer a concrete opportunity for networking and exchange which aid in specifically adapting the content of the Summer/Winter School to the needs of the doctoral students.

The Summer/Winter School is to be supervised by the professors of the participating institutions. Furthermore, doctoral students are to be supported within the Summer/Winter Schools by external experts, who act as speakers and tutors.

II. 2-day subject/topic specific workshops

In the 2-day subject/topic specific workshops, a part of the students of the PhD program will participate.

A supervisory group will regularly meet, consisting of representatives of the professors and PhD students of the participating locations. The following individuals are currently members of the supervisory group:

  • Bern: Prof. Dr. Mirko Schmidt, Sofia Anzeneder
  • Tübingen: Prof. Dr. Gorden Sudeck, Katja Dierkes
  • Karlsruhe: Prof. Dr. Alexander Woll, Prof. Dr. Darko Jekauc, Dr. Kathrin Wunsch
  • München: PD. Dr. Felix Ehrlenspiel, Steffen Lang