Institute of Sports Science

Research Line "Education"

Leisure time physical activity and sports are key elements of an integrated education and important resources for lifelong learning. The research line “education” covers interdisciplinary projects on physical education in schools as well as extracurricular education in sports. Moreover, educational effects of leisure time physical activity and sports and their conditions are explored.


Within the framework of a multitude of different research foci and projects, the departments of the Institute of Sports Science push education-related topics:

Sport Economics, Sport Management & Media Research

In the research area Society and Public Policy of Department I, the structure of social and human capital as well as individual labour market performance are examined.

Sport Psychology and Research Methods

Arbeitsbereich II

The perspective of education is investigated in Department II, especially in fields of school sports. Central research and work focuses are:

  •  School sport: Competence development and intervention

Social and Public Health Sciences

Department IV is dedicated to the research focus on education with interdisciplinary and social science issues, especially in the areas:

Educational and Health Research

Education-related research priorities in Department V relate in particular to school sports and sports teacher training:


The Interfaculty Research Institute for Sports and Physical Activity conducts project-related research on the subject of school and out-of-school education. In addition, application-oriented basic research within the framework of the interdisciplinary LEAD Graduate School & Research Network is intended to create a basis for evidence-based education policy.