Institute of Sports Science

Departments Institute of Sport Science

Department I

The Department I represents within Sport Science the subjects of Sport Economics, Sport Management and Media Research as well as the theory and practice in swimming.

Department II

The Department II represents within Sport Science the subjects of Sport Psychology and Research Methods, as well as the theory and practice in football, team handball and teaching sport games.

Department III

The Department III of the Institute of Sports Science is concerned with education and research in a broad array of sports biomechanics and exercise science. The Research conducted by the Biomechanics Laboratory focuses on the investigation of biomechanical principles of movement in general and their application in sport techniques in particular.

Department IV

The Department IV represents the subjects of Social Sciences of Sport and Health within Sport Science - mainly focusing on the Sociology of Sport and Health. In addition to that the theory and practice of basketball, gymnastics, dance and trampoline are located in Department IV.

Department V

The Department V "Education and Health Research" was founded in the WS 2011/12 after the initiation of the Professorship in Sport Science with focus on Health Education. The Department represents the subjects of Education and Sport Pedagogy Research, as well as Sport Science Research in health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation.

Department of Sports Medicine

The department of Sports Medicine deals with the influence of exercise, training and sports on both the healthy and the unhealthy individual.