Institute of Sports Science

Sport Psychology and Research Methods

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Oliver Höner, the members of the Department of Sports Psychology and Research Methods investigate sports scientific and sports psychological topics aligned to the research foci of the Institute of Sports Science Tübingen [Performance, Health and Education]. Please choose the respective topic area below for more detailed information on individual projects, including content description, publications, PhD dissertations and third-party funding:


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Research foci

Talent Identification and Development in Sport

Kognitionen im Sportspiel

Cognitive Performance Factors in Sports Games

Coaching in Competitive Sport

Competence Development and Intervention Research in School Physical Education

Applied Sport Psychology in Competitive Sport

Data-Driven (Tactical) Performance Analysis in Football



International Summer School „Talent Development and Coaching in Sport”

Shortly before the start of the semester, an international 'Summer School' on Talent Development and…

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