Institute of Sports Science

Study Programmes

The Institute of Sports Science at the University of Tübingen is currently qualifying students for both working in schools and for the extracurricular job market.

Training for the sports teaching profession at a Gymnasium (grammar school) represents the largest and most traditional study programme at the IfS. Every winter semester, approximately 65–70 students are approved. More information about the teaching degree course can be found here.

In addition, it is possible to study Sports Science with different profiles, each of which is aimed at a different professional field. These degree courses are in accordance with Europe-wide education reforms classified as a basic Bachelor’s degree (currently an overall of 54 places), based upon which the Master´s programme is offered (a total of 24 places).

The Bachelor’s in Sports Science can be studied with the profiles Sports Management, Health Promotion and Media and Communication.

After graduating from Bachelor studies, the IfS offers the opportunity to complete a Master’s in Sports Management or a Master’s in Sports Science.

For more information on these degree courses, see the flyer (box on the right) and the following links: