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The research group is headed by Tim Pawlowski and works on three research lines. The first research line Society & Public Policy intends to contribute to current public policy debates on the financing of sports and the effects associated with sports participation and physical activity. The second research line Leagues & Competitions intends to contribute to optimizing the design of sports leagues and competitions. The third research line Media & Management intends to contribute to better understanding the role of digitalization processes and ‘new’ forms of communication in sports. In Spring 2020, the Data Science and Sports Lab was founded.



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Research lines

Society &
Public Policy

Leagues & Competitions

Media & Management



Discussion about sport streaming services on TV

Last Monday Dr. Marcel Fahrner was invited as expert in a broadcast by Hessischer Rundfunk (HR).

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New Club Management Program for Tübingen students will start in Fall 2021

1.9.21 - A new Club Management Program – recently launched by the VfB Stuttgart Akademie – offers…

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On Club Members’ Voting Behaviour in Professional Football

5.7.2021 – Dennis Coates (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Marcel Fahrner, and Tim…

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