Institute of Sports Science

Research Line Health

Regular physical activity is one of the most important means of keeping people healthy. In this context, the research focus on health includes biopsychosocial analyses of the prerequisites and health-related effects of physical and sports activity.


The departments of the Institute of Sports Science form the institutional framework for a variety of different research focuses and projects in the field of health:

Sport Economics, Sport Management & Media Research

In the research area Society and Public Policy of Department I, the effects of physical activity on health are examined, among other things.

Sport Psychology and Research Methods

Arbeitsbereich II

The health perspective is investigated in Department II, especially in fields of school and rehabilitation sports. Central research and work focuses are:


Sports Biomechanics and Exercise Science

Arbeitsbereich III

With regard to movement and exercise related issues, Department III deals with adaptation mechanisms after stress in health and fitness sports.

Educational and health research

Health-related research priorities in Department V include sports science applications of health promotion, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation:


Within the framework of the Interfaculty Research Institute for Sports and Physical Activity, the subject area of health and prevention is researched on a project basis, particularly in cooperation with the Department of Sports Medicine of the Medical Faculty.