Institute of Sports Science

Educational and health research in sports

The department’s main focus under Prof. Dr. Gorden Sudeck’s direction is on educational and health research in connection with physical activity and sports. Educational research emphasizes, among other areas, physical education (PE) in schools and PE teachers, placing students and their PE teachers’ competence development in the foreground. Health research, in turn, encompasses sports science applications in health promotion, prevention, therapy, and rehabilitation. Physical activity’s effects on health and wellbeing are examined integratively with interventions to promote physical activity. Health education and competence are the focus of various research projects, as these areas are key intersection points between education and health research.


Research interests

Physical activity promotion and health

Physical activity in therapy and rehabilitation

Sport and Education

Health education and competence

Project overview




CIVIS - Blended Intensive Program successfully realized

First-time Blended Intensive Program “The Role of Sport and Exercise on Mental Health” in the…

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Report on the Annual Conference of the dvs commission for health in Tübingen

For the first time since 2019, the annual conference of the Exercise and Health commission in the…

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Conference "Poly-Pill Exercise – Opportunities, Risks and Side Effects" in September in Tübingen

From 14 to 16 September 2022, the annual conference of the Exercise & Health Commission of the…

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