Institute of Sports Science

Physical Activity Promotion and Health

This line of research seeks to analyze the personal and social conditions affecting physical activity and exercise behavior. Building on relevant findings, theory-based interventions are developed and evaluated. An emphasis is put on researching questions of personalization and target group orientation to optimize the acceptance, implementation, and effectiveness of measures promoting biopsychosocial health and physical activity.

On-going projects combine individual-focused methods with context-oriented strategies in settings such as universities (BeTaBalance), workplaces (BGM Vital), senior citizen homes (Basalt), and health service facilities. Project funding sources range from Germany’s federal ministries (i.e., the Federal Ministry of Health [BMG] and Federal Ministry of Education and Research [BMBF]) to health insurance companies and Tübingen’s “Research, Relevance, and Responsibility” excellence strategy. This line of research is closely linked to the Interfaculty Research Institute for Physical Activity and Sports at the University of Tübingen. Current focal points in research have led to participation in the doctoral network, “iReAct—Individual Response to Physical Activity”, and the World Health Organization’s international collaboration study “Health Behavior in School-aged Children.”