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According to the motto "Healthy studying between hill and dale", our goal at SHM BeTaBalance is to strengthen your bio-psycho-social health so that you can find your healthy balance in your studies. We offer a wide range of courses, workshops, events, seminars and much more in selected fields of health. We focus on your needs and place great emphasis on student participation: In various networks, you also have the opportunity to help shape health offerings for students at the University of Tübingen.

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Balance Spots

Tübingen has a lot to offer! We asked students of the University of Tübingen where their favorite places to relax and be physical active are and where they find their #balancemoment in everyday life. Just click through!

Is your personal favorite place missing? Then send us an email and we'll add it in.

Do you already know the Actionbound routes of the SGM?

Experience Tübingen in a very special and active way! Scan the code of one of our Actionsbound routes and you're ready to go. Have fun!

Short time-out Duration: approx. 20 minutes I Route: 1.2 kilometers

Adventure tour in the countryside Duration: approx. 30 minutes I Route: 2.45 kilometers

Stroll through beautiful Tübingen Duration: approx.90 minutes I Route: 5 kilometers

Physical Activity

Old zoo
The remains of Tübingen's zoo, which existed until 1919, invite you to take a short exploratory hike to this "lost place."


A little bit behind Lustnau comes the sleepy village of Bebenhausen, here you can walk in the monastery on the traces of Württemberg history and read under trees or lean against walls, philosophize or just doze a little. On sporty days you can get on your bike or hiking boots and from Bebenhausen you can quickly reach the Schönbuch, where you can discover large, small, flat and mountainous tours according to your mood. Attention road cyclists: check the map beforehand to see which paths are asphalted ;).

Expanded Anlagenpark

A wide range of sports possibilities can be found here: From a top developed skate track, to sports fields and large meadows for all kinds of sports and games. In addition, you can also relax on one of the many meadows or on the banks of the Neckar.

Fields near Kirchentellinsfurt

The route between Tübingen and Kirchentellinsfurt impresses with a very well developed cycle path, which after K-Furt (short form of Kirchentellinsfurt) also invites you further in the direction of Reutlingen, Metzingen, Nürtingen and even Esslingen or Stuttgart. The perfect starting point for a relaxing bike tour along the Neckar.

Kastanienalle parkrun

Kastanienalle parkrun is a free, fun and happy weekly 5k community run where you can walk, jog, run, help out or spectate. The idea of parkrun is to learn new skills in the process and increase your health and satisfaction in the great outdoors while making new friends, feeling a part of the local community and improving your fitness.

Open-air swinning pool Tübingen

In summer, everyone meets at the open-air swimming pool. On the back part of the lawn there are volleyball, basketball and soccer fields, as well as an outdoor workout area. For the perfect cooling down you can go into the water.


In the street named Gartenstraße along the Neckar River, there are countless meadows for relaxing. These are especially suitable in the summer and are a welcome change from the otherwise crowded city center. Paths along the Neckar are perfect for walking or jogging.

Heuburger Tor

The Heuburger Tor, located on the Schönbuch, is a perfect destination and starting point for a hike or small bike tour, among other things, because of its good parking facilities. In addition, it serves as a starting point for a circular route via the Millionensträßle to the Hölzles Tor back to the parking lot. The circular route runs on well-paved forest paths and along the edge of the forest on asphalt and is therefore also easily accessible.

University Sports Center Tübingen 

As the largest sports provider in Tübingen, the Hochschulsport offers a huge variety of sports courses - so there is something for everyone!


The Neckar Island is the perfect place for a walk. With a view of the famous promenade along the row of houses, you can take a relaxed stroll along the Neckar here.

Bike repair station - do it yourself

At the Institute of Sports Science there is the a bike repair station of the university. Here you can do small repairs on your bike by yourself and free of charge.

Schwärzlocher Hof

The Schwärzlocher Hof is the ideal destination for a leisurely walk. It can be reached by walking uphill downhill through the forest or sunny across the fields. At the destination there is a great view over the valley, a snack plate and the possibility to shop in the farm store.


Out of the city, into nature. The Steinlachallee is the perfect jogging loop for beginners and advanced runners. On the flat route with many bridges, you can flexibly choose the duration of your run. Outdoor sports equipment along the running route makes the workout complete.

SUP auf dem Neckar

Just relax on the Neckar? No problem! Our tip: at @Neckarsup you can rent SUP flexibly in the warm summer months and do a lap on the Neckar.

Forest in the direction of Weilheim

Many paths for hiking, running or cycling, the Tübingen natural stone park and the calming forest atmosphere are perfect for sports and/or relaxing. Combines well with a visit to the mountain cemetery.

Wurmlinger Kapelle 

The Wurmlinger Chapel offers a great view of the Swabian Alb in good weather and with a little luck you can see as far as Hohenzollern Castle. The walk from the center of Tübingen takes about two hours and is already a short hike. By bike, you can reach the great vantage point in the middle of vineyards in just 30 minutes.


Old Botanical Garden

The park in the middle of the city offers the perfect opportunity to relax on the grass and meet with friends during lunch break or after university.

Ammer (Weststadt)

You live in the Weststadt and want to relax from all your studying? The Ammer is perfect for this. Sit on a bench on the bank of the small river or take a walk.


Whether you take a relaxing walk around the Anlagensee, rest on one of the meadows or play a round of soccer on the soccer field; the Anlagenpark offers a lot of opportunities for recreation.


Relaxation at Österberg. Especially in the warm summer months, it is pleasant to relax in the loungers on the Österberg. If you need a little exercise in between, you can also jog up the mountain and enjoy the view over Tübingen at the top.

Schloss Hohentübingen 

Located in the middle of the city on the Schlossberg, Hohentübingen Castle offers a beautiful view with a historic atmosphere. Perfect for relaxing a bit on the old castle walls during your lunch break or meeting up with friends.

Forest in the direction of Weilheim

If you leave Tübingen-Derendingen in the direction of Weilheim and Kreßbach, you will find yourself in a small forest. On the many small forest paths it is easy to relax, either on foot or by bike.