Competition participation

Participation in competitions is only possible through the sports department. All students of any discipline as well as employees of the University of Tübingen are eligible to participate in university competitions. Student participation is normally possible up to 12 months after submission of the final thesis.


Participation requirements

  • You are a student or a permanent employee at the University of Tübingen.
  • You are available during the time of the university championships. 
  • You have the necessary athletic skills (active in a club)

Overview of the diciplines


Each year, the adh organizes more than 50 competition events in more than 30 sports nationwide. More information is available here



In order to support our athletes in the best possible way, the registration fees as well as the travel costs from Tübingen to the competitions will be reimbursed by the university sports department. In case of a necessary overnight stay at events lasting several days, there is the possibility to get a financial support. You can find more detailed information about the reimbursement in the download area "Guidelines for the reimbursement of athletes".

Furthermore, the competition office disposes of two unibuses with 9 seats, which can be reserved for competition trips (exclusively!) via the sports department. More detailed information about this can also be found in the download area under "Guidelines for Unibus Rental for Competitions".

Depending on the type of sport, jerseys of the University of Tübingen can be borrowed upon request from the sports department in order to represent the university visually. The jersey rental form can also be found in the download area.

Download area forms

  • Information sheet competition (PDF): With the information sheet we can put together the competition teams.
  • Settlement form (PDF): Using the settlement form, you can get reimbursed for certain competition costs through the sports department
  • Settlement guide (PDF):The guide serves as a guide to the billing process in order for things to proceed as smoothly as possible!
  • Unibus rental guide (PDF): This contains the rules to follow when renting one of our institute sprinters for a competition ride.
  • Jersey rental form (PDF): This form is required to rent university jerseys.

Competition sport shirt

If you want to wear the casual look of our university to the competition, we offer you the possibility to buy one of our high-quality Uni Tübingen competition shirts at a reasonable price here!

After booking, please send an email with the desired size to: sportreferatspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de . The shirt will then be ready for pickup at the service office.