FAQ Pumping the beats

What is the event about?

You can train freely in a club atmosphere at KuF. At the top of the hour (19 - 22 o'clock) there will also be competitions in various disciplines where you can win prizes.

When and where can I get a ticket?

On the 9th of November we will activate a link for ticket booking online on the website of the strength and fitness hall. You can book the tickets free of charge like a trial training.

Do I have to be a member to come to Pumping the beats?

No. Everyone is allowed to book a free event ticket.

When are the event tickets valid?

The tickets are valid ONLY on the day of the event between 18 o'clock and 23 o'clock. You can come whenever you want during the event.

Is it possibly too crowded to train that evening?

We will initially offer a limited number of tickets online. If there is more demand, you may have to wait a short time at the entrance in the evening so that it doesn't get too cozy in the KuF and everyone has fun with their training.

Is there anything I need to bring with me?

As usual for training you need sports clothes, a towel, drink and your valid ticket (digital/printed).

"Pumping the beats" in April 2023

A little reminder of our first KuF event Pumping the beats in April 2023 :)

Thanks to everyone who was there and helped make the event such a success! A few impressions show once again the unique vibe of the evening.