Liability and Insurance


  • The University of Tübingen shall be held liable to the HSP participants only in cases of gross negligence or malicious intent. All HSP participants are strongly advised to take out a personal liability insurance policy which will offer protection against third-party claims for property damages or bodily injury.
  • The University of Tübingen is not to be held liable for the loss of personal items in the event of theft on the university premises or for damages of personal property caused by a third party.


Students of the University of Tübingen participating in an official course or activity offered by the HSP are insured via the Baden-Württemberg statutory accident insurance (Unfallkasse). This applies only to students who are officially enrolled at the University of Tübingen and who participate to courses and activities organised either directly by the university or by other parties under the university’s authority, such as the General Students’ Committee (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, or AStA for short) or other faculty student councils. Furthermore, those courses and activities must fulfil the official requirements for the technical and methodical practices used and must be officially part of the university sports program which follows a formal protocol in order to prevent potential accidents. This also equally applies to international and domestic excursions. The way to and from the respective course or activity is covered by the insurance as well, regardless of the chosen means of transportation. The insurance does not cover participation in open play sessions without an HSP instructor.

University staff members participating in HSP courses and activities are generally insured via their occupational accident insurance which covers injuries during company sports. This policy, however, only applies to some of the courses and activities offered and excludes, for instance, martial arts courses or excursions. In these cases, the participants must make sure themselves of having adequate insurance coverage. 

For civil servants, an injury during a course or activity offered by the HSP does not count as a work-related accident and, consequently, the required medical care is not covered by insurance. 

All employees are therefore strongly advised to take out a private accident insurance policy.

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Accident reports

All accident reports must be submitted within three days to the HSP office or directly to the HSP direction. Report forms are available via the HSP portal.

Accident report students

Accident report (PDF-file)

Accident report (Word-file)

Accident report employees

Accident report (PDF-file)


Strength and Fitness Center (KuF)

For activities in the Strength and Fitness Center (KuF), additional limitations of liability apply.