Terms of Use and Exclusion from Participation

  1. These regulations apply to the use of all facilities of the Institute of Sports Science and the offers of the HSP.
  2. The current HSP program, which is published each semester on the HSP website, provides information about the offerings, dates and times.
  3. Access to the sports facilities is only permitted to authorized persons. Course leaders, supervisors and authorized persons of the HSP are entitled and required to check access authorizations and to refuse access to other persons.

Terms of Use


1. Upon registration and participation in a course or activity offered by the University Sports Service (Hochschulsport, or HSP for short), you automatically agree to having read and accepted the following general rules and conditions.

2. The proof of eligibility is not transferrable to other persons and each participant carries the responsibility of being able to provide it when asked. As a proof of eligibility, you must be able to produce your ticket confirmation as well as a form of identification, whether this be a valid student/ university staff ID or a regular identity card. Your personal proof of eligibility must be provided upon request on the part of the course instructors, supervisors or other authorised persons of the HSP.

3. The following rules also apply:

a) You are not allowed to drive on the sports grounds.

b) You must park your bike at the provided bike racks.

c) You must use the designated changing rooms for changing clothes.

d) The participants are strongly advised to avoid bringing any valuables (such as large sums of money, jewellery, etc.) with them. Consider using the provided lockers for your clothing and personal items.

e) The sports halls may only be entered with clean trainers only for indoor use. Make sure that your indoor shoes are non-marking. Please keep in mind that for all outdoor activities, special rules apply as far as the allowed footwear is concerned and those are specified in the respective regulatories.

f) All available equipment is to be handled appropriately and to be neatly put away after use.

g) Taking pictures or videos of HSP course instructors and participants is generally forbidden. Such footage can only be obtained after providing proof of justified interest, after having a consultation with the HSP direction and after receiving the explicit consent of all concerned parties.

h) Animals are not allowed in the university sports halls and outdoor facilities.

3. You are required to also take note of the specified regulatory protocols for some of the university’s sports facilities (e.g. gym or tennis courts) that inform the participants which additional rules apply in each particular case.

4. All of the above-mentioned rules must be observed. All participants must follow the directions of the course instructors, supervisors or other authorised persons of the HSP. Any form of disruptive behaviour that interferes with the proper and established functioning of the HSP, that distresses or threatens the safety of individuals, or that causes damage to university buildings and equipment is strictly prohibited.

Exclusion from Participation

  • The repeated and/or grave violation of the regulations and policies of the HSP or the Tübingen Institute of Sports Science may warrant a temporary or even indefinite exclusion of the person in question from participating in any future courses and activities offered by the HSP. This particularly applies to any misconducts that potentially endanger other individuals, to a persistent disregard of the regulations concerning the proper use of specific facilities and sports equipment, as well as to the failure of providing a valid proof of eligibility.
  • The instructors are authorised to exclude participants from taking part in their course, if their conduct, despite numerous warnings, continues to jeopardise the health and well-being of others. Such incidents should be promptly reported to the HSP direction.

Rules for Climbing Facilities / Strength and Fitness Center (KuF)

For the climbing facilities and the Strength and Fitness Center (KuF) apply separate regulatory protocols that include some additional guidlines for their proper use.