100km Relay Race 2023

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In the classic main race, a team consists of ten runners, whereby at least two women are required to start.

In the beginner's race, which is intended in particular for schools, preschools and families, the team consists of a maximum of 15 people, whereby two female competitors must also be present.

Each team is required to start in uniform T-shirts.

The start will be at 14:00 on the side field in front of the university sports hall. In the first and second laps, the two female members of the teams will each run individually. After that, all laps will be run as a pair, and the pairs of runners can be combined and used as desired. Each pair runs a lap of 1000m together and then hands over to the next pair. The handover of the running right takes place within a transition zone by handshake of the arriving pair of runners to the next pair of runners running together.

The lap scoring is done by lap tokens to be handed in each time in the transition area. The race is finished when a team with its pairs of runners has completed 50 scoring laps (100km in total). The ranking is determined by the order of arrival at the finish line after passing through the finish channel. The race will be finished after 4 hours and 10 minutes (finish time) for all teams still in the competition until then. The order of the teams is decided by the time or the distance run until the closing time.

All teams will receive a certificate and the first three teams will each receive a trophy. In addition, prizes will be raffled among all teams. There will be a separate evaluation for specific teams (children, university, etc.).


The registration takes place online upon simultaneous transfer of the registration fees. Please indicate team name and responsible personOnly after receipt of the registration fees the allocation of a starting place takes place. The confirmation will be sent by email. A maximum of 100 registrations can be accepted in the order in which they are received!

The registration fee is 55,00 Euro per team.

Note: The registration fee is also due in case of non-participation!

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In case of theft, accident, etc. unfortunately no liability can be accepted.

Side program / catering

During the race, free drinks (water, electrolyte drink, tea) will be distributed to the competitors at a central booth. There will also be free competition catering in the form of bananas and apples.

During the competition there is a possibility to get a free massage during the breaks, if necessary.

For children accompanying the runners, there will be a play and sports program from 14:15-17:30 in the facilities of the Institute of Sports Science.


12:00 Handing out of the starting documents (foyer sports hall)
13:00 Team leader meeting (sports hall)
14:00 Start
18:10 Closing time
19:00 Award Ceremony

Individual Registration

Not enough athletes for a team yet?
Since we see the relay as a chance to get in contact with new people, we enable you to participate in the relay via individual registrations, even if you don't have a team yet. 
Individual registrations are only possible for teams of 10, so each athlete should be able to run 10km. The participation fee is 7,00 € for a single registration in a team of 10. We will do our best to match you up with each other.

Click here for individual registration

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