100km relay race on 02 July 2022 again in presence

"Alone we are strong, together we are unbeatable!"

After times of isolation and distance, the motto is: let's run together again! In the context of the 100km relay race for the cup of the University of Tübingen, we invite you to prove your team spirit as well as your stamina again. The focus is not so much on top athletic performance, but rather on having fun together.

In addition to the classic composition of a relay team (10 runners, traditionally at least two of them women), we also want to enable larger groups to participate in the relay with up to 15 people. These teams will be scored separately afterwards.

The goal of this sporting team event is to complete a distance of 100km together in the form of a relay. The first two laps (1km each) will be run individually by one woman each. From lap 3 on you will run 1km in pairs. After your team with the runners has completed 50 laps, you have completed the 100km! 

Team Registration and Announcement

Click here for team registration

Not enough athletes for a team yet?
Since we see the relay as a chance to get in contact with new people, we try this year for the first time to enable you to participate in the relay via individual registrations, even if you don't have a team yet. 
Individual registrations are only possible for teams of 10, so each athlete should be able to run 10km. The participation fee is 5€ for a single registration in a team of 10. We will do our best to match you up with each other.

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Of course, we will implement the relay in compliance with the currently applicable Corona measures. So don't worry: your health is close to our hearts! 
We are always guided by the current Corona regulations and the latest developments in the Corona situation. 

Currently valid: (as of February 23rd):
Alert level - 2G
Warning level - 3G
Basic level - without additional restrictions

Information on the hygiene concept for the sporting event will be announced here at a later date.