Tübingen University Sports offers numerous excursions for different levels of ability and with different content orientations in the sports of alpine skiing, kayaking, rowing and climbing.

In addition to learning about the sport and experiencing nature and physical and mental challenges, the excursions are primarily characterized by solidarity-based action on the part of the course participants. They create the opportunity to try out new behaviors and to assess their importance (development of personal initiative, spontaneity, creativity, building of self-confidence and self-esteem, conditional and coordinative elements, sensitization for dealing with the body, experience of performance, willpower, borderline experience, expansion, self-confidence and much more). A responsible handling of nature is essential and self-evident.

Further excursions are offered by the Tübingen University Sports Center and its partner facilities in the sports of surfing, hang gliding, surfing, paragliding, sailing and kiting. This is a good opportunity to get to know students from other university institutions in addition to the sport.

Teachers - Target groups

All excursions of the Tübingen University Sports Center are conducted methodically and goal-oriented by qualified teaching staff, who are further qualified through regular advanced training. They are oriented towards the following defined performance levels: "beginner/beginner", "advanced", "expert" and "expert" on the basis of which different partial competencies are taught that build on each other in order to be able to optimally cope with the respective situation. Based on competencies and learning objectives, suitable exercises are selected so that fun, experience, safety and sporting success are guaranteed for all.

Both the venues and the accommodations of our excursions are regularly checked in order to offer permanently high quality.

Preliminary meetings

All excursions organized by the Tübingen Hochschulsport are preceded by preliminary meetings. There you will receive detailed information about the conception, course content, accommodation as well as the general conditions of the respective excursion. Small picture series, maps and personal reports should get you in the right mood for the event. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get to know the university sports teaching team and the other participants in advance. Your organizational and content-related questions will be answered immediately.



Participation fee

All excursions of the Tübingen University Sports are designed as group trips at cost price; no profit is made. Students and members of the University of Tübingen are eligible to participate. If the capacity of the excursion offer allows it, guests, persons who do not belong to the university, can also be admitted as participants. Separate participation fees apply to them.


Terms of Cancellation

In case of cancellation, the following cancellation conditions apply or the following cancellation fees will be charged:

  • Regardless of the date, for one-week excursions € 50,-- and for weekend excursions € 25,--.
  • From six weeks before the start of the event 30 %
  • From three weeks before the start of the event 50 %
  • From two weeks before the start of the event 80 %
  • From one week before the start of the event 100 %

The date of receipt of the cancellation notice by e-mail in the University Sports Office is decisive. Refunds will only be made after the event has been completed.

Tübingen University Sports reserves the right to cancel the advertised excursion itself due to lack of participants or for other urgent reasons. In this case, the full participation fee will be refunded. If too few people have made the required payments, the excursion will be cancelled. In this case, any amounts paid in will be refunded in full; there are no further claims.

Liability / Insurance coverage

Participation in an excursion is at the participant's own risk. Claims against the University of Tübingen or persons commissioned by it regarding liability for theft, personal injury and / or property damage are expressly excluded.

In the event of bad weather, operational standstill of individual facilities and elementary events, there is no entitlement to compensation or reimbursement. Also not in case of injury, illness or early departure for special reasons or due to force majeure.

In the case of excursions abroad, you must independently arrange for sufficient insurance coverage (health insurance, etc.).

All insurance claims must be made by you directly to the respective insurer.

In your own interest we recommend you to take out a travel cancellation insurance of your choice!