Conditions of Participation


The University Sports Center (Hochschulsport, hereafter referred to as HSP) is a cross-sectional task of the University of Tübingen and constitutes a key feature in its endeavour for excellence. The HSP is essentially aimed to cater to the needs of all students and university staff members. It sees itself as an educational and service institution of the University of Tübingen and it is recognized for an array of comprehensive, diverse and tailor-made sports courses and activities. Sport and exercise are regarded as important measures for the preservation and improvement of one’s personal health, fitness and well-being, as well as for one’s personal development.
The HSP constitutes an indispensable part of university social life. The HSP practice-oriented courses aim at motivating the students and staff members to regularly work out, at equipping them with a wide set of social skills and at encouraging them to engage in volunteer work.
Furthermore, the HSP is responsible for the organisation and supervision of competitive sporting contests at the University of Tübingen. Besides the promotion of healthy competition, such events also encourage the students’ identification with their university and facilitate the communication between students of different academic institutions.


General requirements for participation in the HSP sports courses and activities

All students and staff members of the university and the university clinic are granted to participate in the courses and activities offered by the HSP. When the capacity of the courses and activities allows it, guest participants (non-university members) can be admitted as well.



The following groups of persons are generally eligible to participate, provided they have reached the age of 16:
(1) Person group 1 includes

  • all registered students of the University of Tübingen as well as
  • severely employees of the University of Tübingen (no online registration! presentation of the disabled ID card prior to registration required).

(2) Person group 2 includes the employees listed below:

  • Employees as well as trainees of the University of Tübingen (also after retirement).
  • Employees and trainees (e.g. MTA) of the UKT Tübingen
  • Employees of the affiliated institutes (NMI and IWM)
  • Members of the FISPO as well as of the Unibund

(3) Person group 3 includes

persons as of the age of 18 who do not belong to person groups 1 or 2. Admission is only possible If there is free capacity.

(4) For the Strength and Fitness Center (KuF), separate eligibility rules apply.

Please note that, for all HSP courses and activities, you must be prepared to produce your proof of eligibility. Do not forget to bring along a (printed or digital) copy of your ticket confirmation as well as a valid student or university staff ID. Keep in mind that these checks may result to some delay, especially when it comes to large courses. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.