Reservation process and requirements for Tennis Open Play

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, separate regulations currently apply as to the court reservation process and the requirements for participating in a tennis open play session. More detailed information on the current regulations can be found under Sports Programme: “Courses and Activities A-Z”  “T” “Tennis Open Play”, provided that the tennis facilities are open to the public.

General Rules

Management of the tennis facilities: The courts are managed by the Central Administration of the university or individuals directly authorised by the institute.

Court maintenance: The necessary court maintenance is included in the total playing time. Five minutes before the end of your playing time, you should diligently brush the clay court and clean the court lines with the available equipment.

Permanent court reservation: If both tennis players with a permanent court reservation for a whole term fail to arrive within the first 15 minutes of their playing time, the claim to the reserved court expires and another player with a tennis card can reserve the court for open play.

Playability of the courts: You are not allowed to play on soaked and extremely softened clay courts! The authorised persons on site (teaching staff / coaches / supervisors) as well as the facility managers are the ones to decide if the courts are playable. Whoever ignores their directions will be asked to leave the premises. Repeat offenders will be banned from the premises after the third violation under paragraph 8 of this regulations’ protocol.

Operating hours: Insofar as the weather allows, the tennis facilities are open to the public as follows: Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 22:00, Weekends and Public Holidays: 8:00 – 21:00.

Ticket check: Your own tennis card together with the receipt from the ticket vending machine at the tennis house enable you to occupy a court for the designated amount of time. Whoever cannot provide proof of their eligibility is excluded from using the tennis courts. The authorised persons (teaching staff / coaches / supervisors) as well as the facility managers on duty regularly check the reservations.

Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes are obligatory for all participants playing on clay courts, both during the winter and the summer term. Running shoes, football boots or other unsuitable footwear will not be accepted. In case of violation of this rule, you will be asked to leave the premises and a compensation for damages may be claimed.

Violations: In case of violation of any of these general rules, the participants risk the suspension of their reservation and, in some individual cases, their being indefinitely banned from the premises. The players automatically agree to the general rules upon purchase of their tennis card and should strictly follow the directions of the authorised persons and the facility managers at all times.

The tennis courts are used by all open play participants at their own risk.