Since 1980, the University of Tübingen's University Sports Department has offered workshops and lectures with international guest lecturers. In recent years, the range of workshops has been expanded, as demand is constantly growing, especially in the areas of dance and yoga, and other sports and movement areas have also been added.
All courses are cost-covering and specifically calculated and are not designed to make a profit. They offer students, staff and guests the opportunity to become more familiar with the respective areas and, if necessary, to improve to a professional level.




The HSP-workshops can be devided into two categories:

Workshops for predominantly students as an enrichment of the open HSP offer and as a supplement to the weekly offer


Workshops with international guest lecturers - advanced training & continuing education: Workshops as an educational offer for teachers / as an introduction to professional work.


Terms of cancellation for workshops

Participation in the workshop is at your own risk, under exclusion of liability of the organizer. The number of participants is limited. Cancellation policy: Up to 1 week before the beginning of the workshop: cancellation fee 20,- €.
In case of later cancellation no refund is possible.
If a substitute person is provided, there will only be an additional processing fee of 5,- €.