Information concerning Registration

Information concerning Registration

Registration is available online or on-site at the Strength and Fitness Center.

A fee structure depending on the status (student, staff or external) and a minimum contract period of only one month offers a very flexible use of the gym. When booking student or university staff rates, it is important to be able to present proof of status at the time of registration.

Regardless of status, we charge a one-time usage fee of 25 € for registration (incl. introduction to strength training or training plan design).

After booking a tariff can be started directly with the training. If an introduction date is desired please write a mail to kufspam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de. The payment of the user fee is made by bank transfer and is to be made within 3 working days to the account indicated on the registration confirmation. During the opening hours the Center is open for free training. The climbing offer is included in the fee.

Youtube References

Information from KuF Tübingen on YouTube use

Disclaimer on the use of YouTube by the strength and fitness center

Subscribing to other YouTube users
Subscribing to other YouTube users by the Strength and Fitness Gym does not imply any statement about the relationship of the Strength and Fitness Gym to them or the content published by them. In particular, it does not imply any endorsement or recommendation for their followers. Rather, the Strength and Fitness Hall views subscribing to other YouTube users as a way to network with other institutions, individuals, and entities for the purpose of quickly disseminating and learning about information relevant to higher education.
This also means that the Strength and Fitness Center will not automatically subscribe to all of its followers. Also, the failure of the Strength and Fitness Hall to subscribe to users does not imply anything, in particular, it does not imply any rejection or disinterest on the part of the Strength and Fitness Hall towards them.

Manner and purpose of use
The Strength and Fitness Hall uses its account mainly for its own video contributions and the sharing of other video contributions within the framework of the manner described by it in its usage concept. It will also respond to comments in selected instances, to the extent this involves sharing information on research or study topics. Submissions, complaints, and similar content not attributable to public relations and information will not be acknowledged or responded to by the Strength and Fitness Center via YouTube. We also do not provide student advice via YouTube. Please use the contact options provided for this purpose, in particular sending (possibly encrypted) e-mails to hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de. Detailed advice on studying or training recommendations will not be provided; instead, you will be referred via website link to the appropriate telephone and email contacts at University Sports.

YouTube and data protection
The use of YouTube by the Strength and Fitness Gym does not imply any endorsement of that medium or the company or Google Ireland Limited's privacy policy. 
The Strength and Fitness Gym recommends that all users be aware of how their data is processed by YouTube and protect their privacy as much as possible:
This includes reading the privacy policy of Google Ireland Limited [https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=de&gl=de]. Key points of view are also summarized in the University of Tübingen's own privacy policy on its YouTube use.
Please note the tips for protecting privacy on YouTube (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801895?hl=de).

Privacy Policy for the YouTube Account of the Strength and Fitness Center

For the YouTube video platform offered here, the Strength and Fitness Center uses the technical platform and services of Google Ireland Limited, with its registered office in Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. The authorized service agent for Google Ireland Limited within the meaning of Section 5 (1) of the NetzDG in Germany is Google Germany GmbH, - Legal Department -, ABC-Strasse 19, 20354 Hamburg: https://www.youtube.com/kuf_unituebingen
We would like to point out that you use the YouTube platform offered here and its functions on your own responsibility. This applies in particular to the use of the interactive functions (e.g. sharing, rating, commenting, embedding). Alternatively, you can also access the study or work-related information offered via this page on our website at https://www.hsp.uni-tuebingen.de/

1. data processed by YouTube:
Information about what data is processed by YouTube, and for what purposes, can be found in YouTube's privacy policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=de&gl=de 
The Strength and Fitness Center has no influence on the scope of the data processed by YouTube, the manner of processing and use or the transfer of this data to third parties. Nor does it have any effective means of control in this respect.
By using YouTube, your personal data will be collected, transferred, stored, disclosed and used by Google Ireland Limited and thereby transferred to and stored and used in the United States and any other country in which Google Ireland Limited does business, regardless of your residence.
YouTube processes on the one hand your voluntarily entered data such as name and username, email address and telephone number.
On the other hand, YouTube also evaluates the content you share to determine what topics you are interested in, stores and processes confidential messages that you send directly to other users, and can determine your location using GPS data, wireless network information or your IP address in order to send you advertising or other content.
For analysis, Google Ireland Limited may use analytics tools such as Google Analytics. The Strength and Fitness Center has no influence on a use of such tools by Google Ireland Limited and was not informed about such a potential use. If tools of this type are used by YouTube for the account of the Strength and Fitness Hall, the Strength and Fitness Hall has neither commissioned nor approved this or otherwise supported it in any way. Nor will the data obtained to it during the analysis be made available. Only certain non-personal information about YouTube activity, such as the reach of a video, can be viewed by the gym via its account. Moreover, the gym has no way to prevent or turn off the use of such tools on its YouTube account.
Finally, YouTube also receives information when you view content, for example, even if you have not created an account. This so-called "log data" may be the IP address, browser type, operating system, information about the website you previously visited and the pages you viewed, your location, your mobile provider, the terminal device you use (including device ID and application ID), the search terms you used and cookie information.
Via YouTube buttons or widgets embedded in websites and the use of cookies, it is possible for YouTube to record your visits to these websites and, if applicable, to assign them to your YouTube profile. Based on this data, content or advertising can be tailored to you. 
Since Google Ireland Limited is a European provider, it is bound by European data protection regulations. This concerns, for example, your rights to information, blocking or deletion of data or the possibility to object to the use of usage data for advertising purposes.
You have options to restrict the processing of your data in the general settings under the item "History and data protection". In addition, you can restrict YouTube's access to contact and calendar data, photos, location data, etc. on mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers) in the settings options there. However, this depends on the operating system used.
More information on these points is available on the following YouTube support page:
Information about the inferences drawn or data collected about you by YouTube or Google can be found here:
Information about the available personalization and privacy setting options can be found here (with further references):
Furthermore, you have the option to query the information stored about you by Google services such as YouTube:

2. data processed by the gym and fitness center:
The gym and fitness center also processes your data. While it does not itself collect any data about its YouTube account or your YouTube usage behavior. However, the data you enter on YouTube, in particular your username and the content published under your account, is processed by us insofar as we share your videos on our own channel after consultation, if necessary. This may be the case, for example, if you are a scientist or employee at the strength and fitness center or external scientific institutions and have produced a thematically appropriate video as part of your work. The data you may have published and disseminated on YouTube will thus be included by the Strength and Fitness Center in its offer and made available to its subscribers.

3. rights, documentation, evaluation:
If you have any questions about our information offering, you can contact us at hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de. Your rights to information, blocking or deletion of data can be asserted with our/our data protection officer: hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de
You can find the current version of this data protection declaration here. In the event of changes, you will find the previous versions of the data protection declaration on this website. 
The concept underlying the offer can be found on the "Instagram usage concept" web page. This usage concept is evaluated by us once a year with regard to whether and how it is used. This evaluation of the usage concept takes into account usage figures and reach as well as the target group structure and usage behavior of the networks.   
You can also find more information about YouTube and other social networks and how to protect your data at www.youngdata.de.

YouTube Data Protection Impact Assessment

According to the general rule of Article 35 (1) of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a data protection impact assessment must be carried out if a form of processing, in particular when using new technologies, is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons due to the nature, scope, circumstances and purposes of the processing. 
The YouTube offering of the gym and fitness center itself does not trigger this consequence due to the very limited scope of its own data processing (see in this respect the privacy statement). However, YouTube videos often have a direct personal reference. When posting its own content, the gym therefore ensures that the copyrights to the image material and the image rights of any persons depicted are taken into account.
From the point of view of the gym, the use of YouTube in itself represents a processing with a high risk due to its far-reaching effects, in particular with regard to the evaluation of the data by Google Ireland Limited for advertising purposes and the like, for which a data protection impact assessment must be carried out.
This is because by using a YouTube account, the respective user places himself under systematic observation by Google Ireland Limited. This may also reveal sensitive data such as political attitudes, sexual orientation or health problems, which can be linked together and used to create a personality profile. Persons particularly worthy of protection, such as young people, can also be YouTube users and thus data subjects. Even in the case of merely passive use of YouTube content without an account of one's own, sensitive data can be collected through the collection of log data, such as previously visited websites or the user's location data.
This is all the more true as Google Ireland Limited cannot be audited or can only be audited to a limited extent. Since the data of German users may be processed outside Germany, there are higher hurdles to accessing (judicial) legal protection than with a company based in Germany.

1. Risk identification:
The risks described at the beginning that are associated with a use of YouTube exist in principle independently of the strength and fitness center's own YouTube use. Also, in the vast majority of cases, the video postings of the gym and fitness center itself do not relate to sensitive personal data, but rather disseminate their own factual content.
Finally, the data processed through the interaction with the YouTube account of the or other accounts - namely the videos or/and the account name of a YouTuber - are already publicly/generally accessible/free available on the Internet.
However, by appearing on the YouTube page of the strength and fitness gym and interacting, they are made available to a broader/"more specific" public and thus may achieve greater attention and wider distribution than without this interaction.
Also, by the strength and fitness gym following other YouTube channels, or following it, additional cross-relationships and information about the particular YouTube user are created; for example, interest in research topics can be gauged by subscription ownership or regular posts.
Finally, log data is also collected by YouTube during passive use of the site.
Thus, through its own YouTube usage, the Strength and Fitness Center increases the amount of data used and analyzed by Google Ireland Limited.

2. risk analysis:
By expanding the distribution circle and increasing the linking possibilities, the processing of data for other purposes by Google Ireland Limited and surreptitious profiling is favored. Also, openness to visitor contributions may lead to adverse social consequences such as inappropriate or discriminatory comments or the dissemination of sensitive data.
While these harms may present themselves as substantial if caused by Google Ireland Limited itself, they are increased to a limited extent by the YouTube channel of the gym and fitness center. This is because the account data of the respective users is already available to Google Ireland Limited to a significant extent. In particular, the Kraft- und Fitnesshalle's offer does not create any compulsion to create a YouTube account, as there are sufficient alternative contact and information options for the Kraft- und Fitnesshalle, e.g. on the homepage https://uni-tuebingen.de/einrichtungen/zentrale-einrichtungen/hochschulsport/kraft-und-fitnesshalle/.  
The topics of sport and health are also only suitable to a limited extent for triggering hate-filled debates, so that the probability of damage occurring is also very limited in this respect.

3. risk assessment
Overall, the additional risk caused by the YouTube account of the strength and fitness center is therefore to be classified as low to medium.
In addition, it is possible to implement mitigation measures that further reduce the risk. These include, for example, the influence of the strength and fitness gym on the providers. However, a large part of these measures lie within the sphere of the user: for example, there is no obligation to use a clear name when using YouTube. In addition, the user can protect himself to a certain extent through various settings, such as deleting his browser history, deactivating cookies.
In addition, the continuous editorial support makes it possible to intervene in the case of comments that violate honor or personality up to the point of blocking the account. The strength and fitness center has formulated a netiquette for the use of its offer here, which it ensures compliance with when managing the site.

4. result
YouTube use by the gym is justifiable in view of the risks described and the binding measures provided. The gym undertakes to monitor further developments and to regularly repeat and, if necessary, further develop the review carried out here.

Netiquette for the Youtube account of the gym and fitness center

Comments and exchange of opinions on the video contributions on our YouTube channel are important to us. 
However, the quality of the comments is more important to us than their number. Our aspiration is that the discussions provide interesting and relevant insights. We want to provide an environment in which all users are happy to join in the discussion. Therefore, we ask you to observe our netiquette:
Always ensure a factual, polite and respectful tone, with which you would like to be addressed yourself. Refrain from insults, slander, defamation and provocation as well as comments with vulgar, violence-glorifying, discriminating, racist, sexist, hateful and/or illegal statements or content.
Likewise, commercial contributions are to be refrained from. 
Mentions and comments should be factually related to the topic of the video.
Please reread your comments before submitting them. Could the comment be taken as an insult by other users? Is it worded in an unambiguous way? 
Remember that dialogues take place in public and are stored by YouTube. With this in mind, please do not post names, contact addresses, phone numbers or other private details - certainly not of third parties.
The gym reserves the right to delete/delete posts that violate this netiquette or to exclude the respective user from the discussion in the future.

YouTube usage concept of the strength and fitness center

University sports at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen have been an important part of the sports institute for many years. As part of a public institution, the Strength and Fitness Hall sees it as its responsibility to provide information about current sports and health-related topics as well as university sports events. 
To this end, social media channels serve as media for providing information.  With this usage concept, the Strength and Fitness Hall assumes the responsibility and role model function of public bodies for the use of social media as specified by the State Data Protection Commissioner of Baden-Württemberg. Please also see our privacy policy and assessment of the consequences of YouTube use.


1. YouTube:
YouTube is an online platform for publishing and distributing videos. Registered users can publish videos free of charge via this service. These videos are usually made available so that they are publicly visible. Alternatively, it is possible to make videos accessible only to a certain group of people ("Private") or only via a URL ("Unlisted"). In the latter case, the video does not appear publicly in the channel's video list, but can only be accessed via a link that the channel's operators make available to specific individuals, e.g. by e-mail. 
The Google service YouTube is provided by Google Ireland Limited. A Google account is required in order to register with YouTube. 
Registered YouTube users can follow other YouTube users, rate their videos and share the videos within YouTube but also on other online platforms and websites. Pure viewing of video contributions is also possible without a user account.
More information about YouTube can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/yt/about/ 
The advantages of YouTube are its wide reach and - in contrast to some other social networks - the usability of the videos without the need for the user to register. YouTube is one of the most widely used "search engines" in the world.
Another advantage is the usability without using a clear name for users with their own YouTube account.

2. purpose of use:
The creation of a YouTube channel is a useful addition to the existing communication and information channels of the Strength and Fitness Center. The importance of videos in communicating information has increased dramatically over the past decade. The YouTube channel of the gym for strength and fitness is primarily used to publish videos on sports- and health-specific information.
For some target groups, the existing tools are no longer sufficient. Especially with regard to the target group of students, we have found that in some cases we can reach them much more directly via YouTube, especially since interested recipients can subscribe to our channel. The YouTube channel makes it possible to provide practical information and content (e.g., in the course of our introductory training offering) in the form of video demonstrations that are always ready to be called up by our users. This not only improves customer loyalty, but also contributes to reducing the risk of injury in sports and a more targeted design of the training in the strength and fitness hall.

3. nature and extent of use:
The YouTube account provides users with science-based information on current sports and health topics. 
The video posts are produced and provided by student assistants and exercise instructors in collaboration with the management of the Strength and Fitness Center. 
Contents of the video contributions are:

  • (Strength) sport-specific and health-related topics
  • Supplementing the training concept with video material (including demonstrations of exercises)
  • Safe use of sports equipment
  • Coverage of events 
  • Presentation of sports events in the strength and fitness center

In addition to own contributions, video contributions from other research institutions and projects will be shared if there is a connection to the strength and fitness gym. 
Concrete administrative services such as advice in individual cases, on the other hand, are not offered via YouTube. Here, reference is made to the classic communication channels by telephone or e-mail of the respective responsible departments of the Strength and Fitness Hall for corresponding inquiries.

4. responsibilities for editorial/technical support:
The responsibility for the editorial support of the decentralized YouTube channel of the Strength and Fitness Hall (https://www.youtube.com/kuf_unituebingen) lies with the University Sports Department of the University of Tübingen: hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de 

5. alternative contact options:
We remind users that the YouTube channel is merely another of several options for contacting the Strength and Fitness Center or obtaining information about sports, health, as well as athletic events at the Strength and Fitness Center. Alternatively, the information that is important especially regarding the use of our training services can be accessed through this page: https://uni-tuebingen.de/einrichtungen/zentrale-einrichtungen/hochschulsport/kraft-und-fitnesshalle/ 

Other ways to contact us:
With all inquiries, you can generally contact our central e-mail inbox hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de.
Note: Communication by e-mail is unencrypted by default. It cannot be ruled out that parties involved in the transmission may take note of the contents of an e-mail.
For inquiries by telephone to the +49 7071 29-76559
Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen
University Sports
Albertstrasse 27
72074 Tübingen

6. self-commitment 
This usage concept will be evaluated once a year with regard to whether and how it is used. This evaluation takes into account the usage figures and ranges as well as the target group structure and the usage behavior of the networks.

Terms of Use for the Strength and Fitness Center and the Climbing Facility of the University of Tübingen

I Strength and Fitness Center


1) Use

1.1 The use of the Strength and Fitness Hall (hereinafter referred to as "KuF") is subject to a fee. Every user has to pay an admission fee of 20,00 €. Depending on the user status, different user fees are to be paid, the amount of which can be found on the homepage of the University Sports of the University of Tübingen (http://www.hsp.uni-tuebingen.de/).

1.2 Users are divided into the following groups:       

  1. Students (all Universities)
  2. University members (University of Tübingen/UKT or other universities)
  3. Externals
  4. Sports students (University of Tübingen)
  5. Special groups (enrolled top athletes, cooperations such as Pink Paddling, Tigers Tübingen etc.)

1.3 The student and university member rates can only be used with proof of the respective status.

1.4 The sports student rate can only be used with proof and in the period from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 14:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 13:30.

1.5  The assignment to a special group lies with the administration of University Sports Tübingen.

2) One-time free trial training

Interested parties can use the KuF for a one-time free trial training. For insurance reasons, the interested parties must sign the written declaration for the trial training strength and fitness hall in advance, stating their name by hand. For the trial training, the provisions of these terms of use apply accordingly.

3) Booking of usage permits

The usage options offered by KuF can be found on the homepage of University Sports of the University of Tübingen (http://www.hsp.uni-tuebingen.de/) or on the booking PC on site.

Initial bookings can only be made on the booking PC during the opening hours of the KuF.

Subsequent bookings/renewals can be made via the booking PC or, if a password was set when the initial booking was made, from home via the HSP homepage. A modification, e.g. from a 1-month all-day ticket to a 2-month morning ticket, is not possible from home. Such modifications can only be done at the booking PC.

4) Payment

Fee payments are to be made exclusively by bank transfer and using the transfer data stated on the booking confirmation, in particular the purpose of use, to the corresponding account of the Universitätskasse Tübingen. The payment deadline is three working days from the date of the booking confirmation. If the transfer is not made in due time, the booking will be cancelled and the user will not receive or will lose the right to use the KuF.

5) Check-In

Check-in takes place via the scanner of the "check-in" PC located at the counter. The barcode on the booking confirmation must be scanned and confirmed by pressing a finger ("check in") on the touchpad. Only valid access authorizations are accepted, i.e. those that correspond to the running time, time of day, or status (fitness card of the strength and fitness center). Beyond that there are no check-in possibilities.

If the fitness card is forgotten or lost, it can be printed out once by the counter staff to allow check-in on that training day. This process will be recorded by the counter staff and placed in the member's file. Repeated reproduction of the fitness card is not possible.

6) Introduction

New users have the opportunity to participate in a one-time introduction to strength training within one month after paying the admission fee, at a date suggested by KuF.

7) Dress code

Appropriate training clothes are to be worn for training. Training without top or bottom is not allowed. Furthermore, clean shoes are to be worn. Training in socks or barefoot is prohibited for reasons of hygiene. For the use of the equipment a towel is to be used as a base.

8) Handling equipment

Users are expected to handle equipment with care and in a manner appropriate to the function of the equipment or training matter. After using a piece of equipment, it must be returned to its original condition and location and disinfected. The instructions on hygiene rules posted in the training area are to be strictly observed. In particular, care must be taken to ensure that the training equipment is emptied of weight discs before they are left. Weight discs are to be placed on the attachments located on the wall or on the weight racks in the KUF. Under no circumstances are lightweight barbells to be loaded in excess of the maximum load marked on them. Damage of any kind must be reported immediately to the supervisor on duty.

For training on the weightlifting platform, the dropping of weight is permitted only on the rubberized surface (gray) provided for this purpose. Those weight discs that are required for either Olympic weightlifting or controlled weight dropping will, if possible, be given priority for these activities.

If users train outdoors in dry weather, they must use the mats provided for this purpose and clean any dirt from equipment used before returning it to the KuF.

9) Opening hours

The opening hours of the KuF can be found on the notice board in the KuF or on the homepage of the University Sports Center of the University of Tübingen. The KuF must be vacated at the end of the opening hours. The management of the KuF reserves the right to make changes to the opening hours and the courses offered. This applies in particular to short-term closures and partial closures for repair and maintenance work as well as special events. Restricted opening hours apply on public holidays. Unscheduled closures will be announced in advance in a suitable manner (e.g. by posting a notice in the KuF).

10) Code of conduct and house rules

10.1 The KuF strives to create a collaborative and friendly environment in which each person can develop and achieve his or her athletic goals. This requires a high degree of mutual consideration and tolerance towards fellow students and staff. Criminal or regulatory behavior will not be tolerated (personal attacks of a verbal or physical nature, defamation, political agitation, ...etc.). The instructions of the staff are to be followed.

10.2 The staff member on duty exercises domiciliary rights within the KuF. The orders of this person must be obeyed. Anyone who violates the provisions of the terms of use and/or the house rules of the IfS can be excluded from using the KuF; in this case, there is no entitlement to a refund of the fee paid.

11) Liability

The stay and use of the KuF is exclusively at the user's own responsibility and risk.

The University of Tübingen and its authorized persons are not liable for theft and/or loss of items brought by users of the KuF. The liability of the University of Tübingen and its authorized persons for personal injury and property damage of the users of the KuF is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Users must show the greatest possible consideration for other users and refrain from doing anything that could endanger their own safety or that of others.

Excluded from the use of the KuF are:

  • Children and young people up to the age of 18 (except students enrolled at the university).
  • Persons who wish to use the KuF for commercial purposes without the permission of the operator.
  • Persons who are under the influence of drugs, medication and/or alcohol.

II Special regulations for the use of the climbing facilities


1. Admission and Opening hours

The climbing facility is open for climbing during the opening hours of the KuF and must be vacated at the end of the opening hours. Access to the climbing facility is granted to users only after prior personal registration at the KuF booking terminal and presentation of a valid booking confirmation (fitness card). The staff member on duty at the KuF may check the access authorization to the climbing facility at any time.

2. Liability information and climbing rules

Before using the climbing facility for the first time, users are informed in writing about the necessary climbing and belaying techniques to be observed and declare with their signature that they have taken note of the required climbing and belaying techniques and have mastered them safely.

a) The climbing facility is unsupervised. The stay in the climbing facility and its use, especially free climbing, is exclusively at the user's own risk and responsibility.

b) Entering the climbing area is only allowed with suitable and clean footwear. In particular, strongly profiled footwear, such as mountain boots or shoes with heels, is not suitable. Soiling and damage to the fall protection floor must be avoided. Damage to the fall protection floor must be reported immediately to the climbing area management or the staff member on duty. Climbing is only allowed in appropriate clothing. Climbing with the upper body exposed is not permitted. Body jewelry, especially necklaces and finger rings as well as piercings, must always be removed or taped off for reasons of injury prevention. Long hair must be tied up in such a way that it does not impair the ability to belay. Furthermore, adequate, closed footwear (e.g. climbing shoes) must be worn. Climbing in socks or barefoot is prohibited.

The use of magnesia is only allowed in the form of chalk balls and liquid chalk.

c) Areas marked as off-limits may not be entered or climbed. A rope of at least 40m length is required for routes in the climbing area. Climbing without a rope and belay partner (free solo climbing) is prohibited throughout the climbing facility. Violations will result in an immediate ban on climbing combined with immediate expulsion from the climbing facility.

d) Before starting to climb, a mutual safety check (partner check) must be carried out. The climbers have to tie themselves directly into the roping point provided by the manufacturer. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions! Tying in is only allowed with common roping knots, such as "double figure eight knot" or "double bulin".

e) When choosing belay partners, ensure a balanced weight ratio. The weight difference should not be more than 1.1-1.2 times. If the weight difference is greater, the additional weight bags provided must be used.

f) When climbing in the toprope, both carabiners must be hooked into the belay device at the end of each route. When climbing in the lead and in the trailing, all intermediate belays (express slings) must also be hooked in. In the overhanging areas it is expressly forbidden to climb in the toprope. In this area, however, climbing in the belay is allowed if the rope is hooked in all intermediate belays and in both carabiners in the diverter and the climbers climb on the end of the rope that is hooked in the intermediate belays.

g) Climbing in the lead involves considerable risks of falling and injury. For belaying, all express slings and both carabiners must be hooked into the belay loop. Climbers are responsible for the belay technique they choose.

h) It is forbidden to enter a route that is already occupied.

i) Climbing courses always have priority in the climbing area. Parallel free climbing is allowed if it does not interfere with the course operation.

k) Bouldering is not permitted in the entire climbing area!

3. Prohibition of changes to the climbing facility / liability of users for damage to the climbing facility

a) The risk of dropping climbing material must always be taken into account. Artificial climbing holds may unexpectedly loosen or break at any time and fall down, endangering or injuring the climber and other persons. No modifications of any kind may be made to holds, steps or belays. Loose or damaged handholds, hooks, express slings, carabiners, and redirectors must be reported immediately to the supervisor in the KuF.

b) Users are liable for any damage caused as a result of a violation of these rules of use, due to non-compliance with the instructions of the supervisory staff or in any other way due to improper use, in particular due to damage to the climbing facility.