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Here we introduce you to who is behind the SGM BeTaBalance and how many different groups of people are involved. Together we can address the topic of student health in an all-encompassing way!

The Student Health Management BeTaBalance, a joint project of Tübingen University Sports Center in cooperation with the Institute for Sports Science, is dedicated to holistic health promotion in the university setting. The project is supported by the Techniker Krankenkasse. The primary goal of SGM BeTaBalance is the demand-oriented planning and implementation of health-promoting offers for students at the University of Tübingen to increase their bio-psycho-social health.
Project Progress

In our video series "Tbh- Tü be healthy", our health ambassadors Bene and Heidi show you what the SGM BeTaBalance has to offer and which institutions are involved.


Prof. Dr. Gorden Sudeck (Chair of Education & Health Research)

Ingrid Arzberger (Director of Universtity Sports)

Juliane Moll (Management SGM BeTaBalance)

Student assistance: Dario Garcia, Benedikt Heber, Carlos Ortlieb 

Project Partner

Steering Group

Working Groups

Student Networks

Mental Health First Responders

Screenshot aus Zoomsitzung der MHFA-Ersthelder*innen-Ausbildung

We regularly offer selected student groups the opportunity to be trained as MHFA first responders.
So far, students from the following student bodies have participated: International Literatures, Medicine and Medical Technology, Psychology, Mathemiatics, Sinology, Linguistics, History, NWT, Physical Education, Scandinavian Studies, Chemistry, Ethnology.

Network & Social Event

At the beginning of the year, a network meeting with all trained MHFA first responders of the University of Tübingen takes place in the form of a social event. In addition to the social exchange, ideas for the campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month will be collected together.

Gründe Schleifen
Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May has been chosen by the non-profit organization Mental Health America as "Mental Health Awareness Month" to counteract stigmatization of mental illness. We, too, want to promote public awareness of mental health during May and launch campaigns about it together with MHFA first responders. The first campaign is planned for 2023!

Trainer for Active Breaks

Übungsleitende im Hörsaal
Training/ Licence

Training is provided via the seminar "1NE101 Designing a new learning and working culture: future-oriented, health-promoting and sustainable", which is offered in the Transdisciplinary Course Program on a semester basis. Sports students from the 3rd semester or students with an exercise instructor C license have the opportunity to be active as exercise instructor:in in the context of company and student health management at the University of Tübingen after completing this course.

Übungsleiterin im Studio beim Dreh vom Bewegungssnack
Bewegungssnack (digital)

All licensed exercise instructors will be added to a mailing list through which requests for Active Break will be distributed by SGM BeTaBalance and the Corporate Health Management for employees. 


Multiplicator training

You are a bike enthusiast, you not only like cycling but also know how to maintain and care for your bike? Then why not use your knowledge and skills to help others and put a smile on their faces? 
As part of our multiplier training, we train bike checkers for the bike check event every year (March/April). The training is supported by experts from the German Bicycle Club (ADFC).

Fahrradschlange vor RadCHECK-Station