RadCHALLENGE 2024 of the SHM BeTaBalance

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At the RadCHALLENGE, you have the chance to prove your perseverance on the bike. Whether you're a beginner or an athlete, together in a team, everyone can contribute their part! This year, we're cycling under the motto: Discover new places! So get on your bike, explore beautiful locations, and send us your favorite pictures - whether you're on your own or with a team!


The rules

  •  Cycling is done in teams of 5 via Strava.
  • Sign up individually or as a team.
  • Timeframe: April 29th to May 19th, 2024.
  • Weekly ranking: Sundays (23:59).
  • Separate ranking for students and staff.
  • Prize draw among all teams that reach the 1000km mark.
  • Guaranteed prizes for places 1-3 (students and staff separately).
  • Photo contest: New this year! Show us where you are on the go. Send us a picture of your favorite place. In the end, the most popular picture will be awarded!

Route tracking

The ridden routes are tracked using the free app 'Strava'. After registration, each team creates a 'Club' in Strava to document their cycling kilometers. Further information about the process, registration, and club creation in Strava, as well as tracking completed routes, can be found here. Every cycled kilometer counts, regardless of whether it's done with an e-bike, city bike, or mountain bike. Whether you're recording your bike tour or your trip to the supermarket, every kilometer counts


Weekly Report

Here, once the RadCHALLENGE has commenced, a weekly overview of the completed routes will be displayed.


We would like to thank our sponsors

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The fourth RadCHALLENGE breaks all records: All 103 teams collectively cycled an incredible 172,000 kilometers (students a total of 94,696.60 kilometers, staff 77,327.20 kilometers)! That's enough to circle the Earth nearly 4 times. Amazing!

The strong performance from last year was increased by approximately 30,000 kilometers! When calculating the total distance on average, the student teams achieved an average of 1,661.34 kilometers, and the staff teams achieved an average of 1,757.44 kilometers.

In total, 86 out of 103 teams reached the overall kilometer goal of 1000 kilometers and thus qualify for the prize draw. Over the next few days, all teams that were drawn for a prize will be informed via email.

Top 3 Ranking of Student Teams: Taking the first place is the Wirsing Racing Team Sektion Biochemie with 6238.9 kilometers. Over all 4 weeks, the team managed to cycle into the top 2 and therefore deservedly won. With 5449.4 kilometers, the WeCyling team secured the second place. The Cycloholics secured third place with a strong 4548 kilometers.

Congratulations to the top 3 student teams!

Top 3 Ranking of Staff Teams: The winning team among the staff teams and thus in first place is Team CyclicLR with 4717.3 kilometers. Closely followed, the Absoluten Beginner team managed to secure second place with 4503.6 kilometers. The Asphaltschneider team secured third place with 4179.3 kilometers!

Congratulations to the top 3 staff teams!


In 2022, the student team "Two Tired" cycled to first place with 6144.3 km. In second place, the staff team "Naturwissensradler" managed to achieve 5218.7 km, closely followed by the staff team "40 μΩ" with 5123.3 km.

When adding up all the kilometers ridden by the participating teams (with at least 5 participants in Naviki), a total of 139,661.7* km were cycled in the HSP-RadCHALLENGE 2022.

Out of 92 participating teams, 27 did not reach the minimum kilometer requirement of 1000 km (or their adjusted minimum goal based on group size).

  • The basis of the statistics refers to the teams visible in Naviki (i.e., with at least 5 participants) and assigned by us (i.e., students/employees).

In total, the participating teams cycled 139,569.00 km. Among these, students contributed 70,059.00 km, and staff contributed 69,510.00 km.

  • The basis of the statistics refers to the teams visible in Naviki (i.e., with at least 5 participants) and assigned by us (i.e., students/employees).

Cycling can lead to significant CO2 savings, as demonstrated once again by the HSP-RadCHALLENGE 2022.

In total, 21,722.77 kg of CO2 were theoretically saved. At this point, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all our partners and supporters: Techniker Krankenkasse, SWT, Volksbank Tübingen, Necker SUP, Bäckerei Mayer, Tübinger Tigers, Sprungbude, and Esszimmer!



From May 1st to May 21st, 2021, the HSP-RadCHALLENGE took place for the first time as a digital team event. Over 500 students and staff members of the university participated, hopping on their bikes daily. The goal was to cover as many kilometers as possible, but at least 600km, with their own team of 5 and by bike, leaving the car behind to make a small contribution to the environment – doing something good for one's health and the environment has never been easier! And it was also about reviving social contacts and team spirit, which unfortunately often suffer during the pandemic.

It didn't matter whether it was the commute to work, a leisurely ride, or a few kilometers to the supermarket - every kilometer counted, and everyone in the team contributed to the overarching goal: to cover the distance from Tübingen to Brazil – a total of 9,426km – where a tree planting campaign was to be supported. Sports bring people together, and that was once again demonstrated by the HSP-RadCHALLENGE.

In total, 39 trees were donated, 110,317 km were "cycled," and more than 17 tons of CO2 were saved. The distance from Germany to Brazil was cycled a whole 12 times! Whether "strong" or "weak" on the bike, road bike, or e-bike – the HSP-RadCHALLENGE showed that we can reach our goal together, and everyone contributes!

In the end, except for a few, 12 teams achieved the overall goal of 600km and were thus able to secure a place in the prize draw! In the following video, you'll find out if your team was drawn from the prize draw - aka the bicycle helmet - and what prizes you won in that case! At this point, a heartfelt THANK YOU to all our partners and supporters: Techniker Krankenkasse, Rad und Tat, Volksbank Tübingen, Necker SUP, Neckarmüller, Tübinger Tigers.


In 2020, as part of the SGM project BeTaBalance 2.0, the University of Tübingen students experienced the first HSP-RadCHALLENGE on Instagram throughout the months of July, August, September, and October. Over 4 weeks spread across 4 months, starting in July, there was a different "Challenge Discipline" each week, in which students could participate via Instagram using the free Strava app. They had the chance to win prizes that supported our locals in the Tübingen City (local businesses) during this challenging time of the Corona pandemic. At the same time, the HSP-RadCHALLENGE provided an opportunity to explore the Tübingen area better and to stay fit and healthy during studies and semester breaks!

In this first HSP-RadCHALLENGE, approximately 65 students participated and were motivated to achieve their best.