Strength and Fitness Center (KuF)

Showers are open again from Monday, March 21, 2G still applies!

The KuF shines in new splendor after our cleaning week.

The Corona regulations are based on the decision of the Infection Control Planning Staff of the University of Tübingen.

The previous measures remain in place. We are looking forward to seeing you. Stay healthy and, of course, stay in shape!

KuF Workshops - Registration now open

Again we offer workshops with the aim to put scientific knowledge into practice. In addition to theoretical application-oriented input, you will have the opportunity to have discussions with various experts and to ask specific questions!

The following offers are available now:

Powerlifting for women

March 20 & 27 2022 + April 3 & 9 2022 from 16:15-17:45 each day

We are looking forward to your participation! More info can be found here.


We, the strength and fitness center of the University of Tübingen, offer you the opportunity to actively do something for yourself, your health, your recovery, your body and your mind. The wide mix of fitness, climbing, Olympic weightlifting, free weights, powerlifting, functional training, calisthenics and endurance training will help you achieve your goals.


What we can offer you:

  • Monthly subscriptions/monthly tickets
    • Cost-effective
    • Fair & flexible - short terms, no automatic renewals.
    • No hidden additional costs
  • Varied equipment
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Personal care by experienced trainers
  • Fitness & climbing combined in one

This unique and very affordable mix of fitness and climbing sports in Tübingen offers our trainees a comprehensive, holistic and goal-oriented training in a unique atmosphere. Tickets can be found here.

News from the Strength and Fitness Center

Dear exercisers,

finally you can work out with us again. Due to the still present COVID-19 pandemic, the training offer is unfortunately still somewhat reduced. We ask all participants to adhere to our hygiene concept. We hope for your understanding as well as for consideration and the necessary respect towards the other participants and the KuF staff. We will do our best to offer you a great training in a pleasant atmosphere.

The team of the strength and fitness center is looking forward to welcoming again many athletes at the Institute of Sports Science.

Requirements for training

In order to be able to use the training services offered at KuF, users must meet the following requirements (which we are obliged to meet by law):

Access to the KuF only possible with 2G:

  • Fully vaccinated (+14 days of last vaccination) ⇒ Original document required for first training, no copies or photos accepted!
  • Already recovered (Referred to as recovered if tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR, PoC-PCR, or other nucleic acid detection within the last 6 months and the test result was at least 28 days ago). ⇒ Original document required for first training, no copies or photos will be accepted!

Furthermore, the general regulations for access to the buildings and participation in events of the University of Tübingen apply:

A ban on access and participation according to § 14 S. 2 in conjunction with § 7 of the Corona Ordinance generally applies to persons,

  • who have had contact with an infected person within the last 10 days or currently have contact (contact also means a patient-related activity without adequate protective equipment (i.e. at least FFP2 mask, protective gown, gloves, goggles/visor).
  • Who have symptoms of a respiratory infection in the last 48 hours or currently, or as a single symptom or in combination, fever, cough, rhinitis, odor/taste disorders.

Violation of the ban on entry and participation constitutes a misdemeanor pursuant to § 19 number 5 CoronaVO, which may be punished by a fine. The violation of an officially ordered quarantine due to a positive coronavirus test is punishable by imprisonment of up to two years or a fine according to §§ 75 paragraph 1 number 1, 30 paragraph 1 Infektionsschutzgesetz (IfSG).

Medical mask obligation

Wearing a medical mask is mandatory whenever there is no sporting activity (e.g. when changing equipment). The mask may only be removed during the training exercise.

Without these requirements, no training is possible despite a valid ticket!




For all users* who have booked a valid ticket prior to the lockdown, they can continue to use them from 14/06/2021 for the time missed due to Corona.

Tickets must be booked  in advance. Due to the still existing Corona crisis and the related constraints, a maximum of 20 people can train at the same time. The current number of people training can be found on the homepage. Accordingly, there may be waiting times on site. Therefore, in case of full capacity, access and training may not be impossible despite a valid ticket.

The current maximum training duration is 120 minutes. After max.120 minutes, the strength and fitness hall must be left independently. The attendance time will be controlled by the supervisory staff.  

Transferring or exchanging a ticket to another person is not possible. With the purchase of a ticket, the hygiene and behavior rules must be agreed to. It is not possible to enter the KuF without consent.


General information

for training operations under corona conditions

In order to be informed in advance about the conditions on site in the KuF and the applicable hygiene and behavioral rules, we ask you to read the following paragraphs carefully. Due to the very dynamic development of regulations, there are always adjustments to the individual aspects. Therefore, always check that they are up to date.

Use of showers and changing rooms
Unfortunately, the use of showers and changing rooms is still not possible. Please come already dressed to the training.

For hygienic reasons, you may only train in clean sportswear and closed shoes. We also ask you to bring a large towel as a base during the exercises. We recommend to reduce your own equipment (e.g. a big sports bag) to the most necessary.

Hygiene guidelines
Please pay attention to the posted hygiene guidelines to avoid infections. Detailed information can also be found in the hygiene conzept of the University of Tübingen.

Terms of use
When entering the KuF or the climbing area, the terms of use apply. 

Acting responsibly
Please remember that your actions have a significant influence on ensuring that the KuF is open to the public. Instead of shaking hands and hugs, show a smile and wave. Be considerate and responsible. Wear a medical mask in the buildings and on campus if necessary, and above all, keep your distance where you can. Protect yourselves and therefore others - this is the only way we can offer you what you have been denied for so long.

Support us
Our KuF team as well as the staff of the university sports do their best to offer you a safe training environment. Please follow our rules and the instructions of the instructors. Help us to make it possible to play sports together again.


Before the training

Entering the campus
The entrance to the KuF is located at the weekend entrance in front of the outdoor climbing area

Entering the KuF
Please disinfect your hands before entering the KuF. We have positioned disinfection dispensers.
When entering the university building, it is the university's policy to wear a medical mask. Please bring your own medical mask to each KuF visit. 

Admission is only possible through the staff. Check-in is done with the booking confirmation of the ticket via a scanner at the counter and the required proof regarding Covid-19. If a student or employee ticket has been booked, a document verifying the student or employee status must also be presented to the staff on duty. Without this, training is not possible and there is no right to reimbursement. Currently it is not possible to check in yourself. If the staff is not at the counter at the moment, please ring the bell at the appropriate device.

If there is a red light at the entrance of the KuF, the maximum number of trainers has currently been reached and it is mandatory to wait.

During and after training

Training time

The maximum training time is 120 minutes per training session.

Maintaining distance
Shaking hands and hugging as a greeting is prohibited. A minimum distance of 3m (requirement of the university!) is obligatory during the training sessions in the entire KuF. Please communicate about possible changes on equipment while keeping the minimum distance. Please also keep the minimum distance of 1.5m when putting in and taking out your sports bags, changing shoes or checking in.

Cleaning of the equipment
It is important to put large towels on the equipment that you have brought yourself. Cleaning the contact surfaces of all used equipment with the provided disinfection facilities is mandatory after use.

Use of toilets
Restrooms are accessible during training. Restroom access and use will be on a one-way system (follow arrows). Sanitizer and soap will be provided in the restrooms. A medical mask must be worn to go to the restroom and to return to the KuF.

Please leave the KuF immediately after the training at the designated exit. The rules will be controlled by our staff. In case of non-compliance with the rules, training will be prohibited, upon request of the staff you will be required to leave the KuF immediately and there will be no right to a refund of the ticket



The use of the outer climbing tower is also possible again. The admission takes place via the strength and fitness hall. Climbing is possible only in fixed rope teams of 2 persons. Climbing is allowed for max. 4 rope teams at the same time. Climbing time must be reserved in advance in addition to the ticket to one of the possible time slots. The max. training duration is 120 minutes. The same hygiene rules apply as for the strength and fitness hall.