Sports Program

Winter Term 2023/2024 vacation program

The University Sports Department offers a semester program during the winter term and the summer term as well as a vacation program during the semester break.

The HSP offers health, leisure, recreational and competitive sports as well as workshops. There are different types of events:

  • supervised sports courses and workshops to train different skill levels,
  • supervised games,
  • free play and free training without instruction,
  • training sessions for competitive teams and individual competitors
  • tournaments
  • Excursions

The offers differ regarding the fees. All offers can be booked online (see offers and courses A-Z)

FAQ HSP sports program

Check out the most important information about the HSP offers at a glance here

3-course rule

Due to the high demand for various courses in the fitness, health and dance categories, the 3-course rule applies in these course categories. This means that a maximum of three courses per person can be booked from these course offerings in the current course program. Affected course offers contain explicit information in the course description that they are subject to the 3-course rule.

This rule does not apply to vacation programs.

Accident reports

The accident report form must be sent to the service office at hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de within three days.

Further information on liability and insurance can be found in our terms of participation.





The beach volleyball courses only take place in the summer semester and during the summer holiday program. During the vacations, they start earlier than the rest of the HSP program.

The beach volleyball courts can be rented for certain time slots in the summer (from May). They must be booked again for the lecture-free period. Online booking is usually possible at the end of July.

Certificate of participation / stamp for health insurance

A certificate of participation or a stamp for health insurance companies can be obtained from the HSP service office during office hours or by individual appointment.

Contact your course instructor

There is a contact form in the course offerings so that participants can write directly to their instructors.

You can find it on the respective course page by clicking on the name of the instructor in the "Instructor" field.

Course cancellation

If you can no longer attend a course for any reason, please make use of the self-cancellation option or send us an email immediately to hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de so that we can cancel your booking in good time and give someone else the chance to take your place. If you do not contact us and simply do not pay within the 3 working days, you may be blocked from further online bookings.

The following regulations apply if no special cancellation conditions are listed in the respective offers:

A flat-rate processing fee of €5 will be charged for course withdrawals. There is no entitlement to a refund of the respective participation fee from the start of the course. Special cancellation conditions apply to workshops, compact courses, intensive tennis courses and excursions.

  Cancellation on your own: !NEW!

Bookings can now be canceled until the start of the offer. All you have to do is click on the link in the registration confirmation e-mail to release the place for others and you can simply cancel the booking again after confirming your e-mail address. If you have already paid the fee, you must also send an e-mail to the service office for a refund.

Once the program has started, independent cancellation is no longer possible and an e-mail must be sent to the service office as before.


Discount for Universitätsbund members

External participants in possession of a Universitätsbund membership have the opportunity to participate in our sports program at the employee rate, you can find further information here.
Members of the Universitätsbund receive the following discounts:

  • Reduced conditions compared to guest participants
  • Access to employee courses.

Members of the Universitätsbund only pay the employee rate for the full range of courses. This is attractive for participants who previously paid the external rate, especially if they book several courses. To receive the discount, please enter your Unibund membership number when registering online.
Further information on membership can be found on the homepage of the Universitätsbund e.V.


Discounted tickets

If you were unable to secure a place at the beginning of the course, you will have another chance at a later stage of the program. 

In the winter program as from January, additional spots will be made available in individual courses at a reduced rate for the remaining units. In the summer semester, additional spots will be released in the weeks after Whitsun. This also gives you the opportunity to "get a taste" of courses for a reduced fee.

Fast registration with password

After booking a course for the first time, you can create a password. This will automatically fill in the registration form the next time you book, saving you time. If you do not yet have a password, you can register here and set a password afterwards.

General information / registration

  • Course start: The semester programs usually start one week after the start of the semester. The semester dates can be found here. The vacation programs start in winter one week after the end of lectures and in summer in the middle/end of August.
  • Registration: Registration for the respective programs takes place approximately one week before the start of the course. It is done online staggered from 17.00. Workshops and excursions can be booked one day later.
  • Program publication: The program can be viewed online approximately one week before registration.
  • The individual dates of a course can be found on the offer page by clicking on the date (as a link in the "Period" field). Please note that courses in municipal halls cannot take place during school vacations!
  • The address of the course location can be found on the offer page by clicking on the link in the "Location" field.


Gym mats

For hygiene reasons, we do not offer mats for rent. There is a note in the course descriptions if a mat is required.


There are several lockers in the sports hall at Alberstraße 27 for use while attending a course or training in the KuF. These can be locked using a €2 coin.

Please note: The lockers are not intended for permanent use and will be emptied regularly by the technical staff if they are used for a longer period of time!

Mandatory participation in the first course lessons

For participation in certain courses (e.g. climbing, gymnastics, individual martial arts courses, etc.), participation in the introduction in the first two hours of the course to explain and explain relevant safety regulations is mandatory. It is not possible to move up afterwards!


The course fees must be transferred to the following account within 3 working days, in case of non-payment you will be automatically canceled and in case of repetition blocked for further online booking.

Account holder: Universitaetskasse Tuebingen
IBAN: DE76 6005 0101 0001 1950 86

The correct reference (booking number & name) can be found by reading the instructions in the booking confirmation email and clicking on the link in the text. 

Please make a separate transfer for each booking and each person!

Further information on our payment regulations can be found here.

Sports partner exchange

If you would like to practise a partner sport but do not yet have a suitable partner, you can use our sports partner exchange.

Tennis courses

Tennis courses have slightly different course programs, for example one-week intensive courses during the semester break ("Intensivwochen"), which require separate registration. The tennis courts can also be rented for free play.

There are special court rules for tennis.

Further information can be found here.

Vacation program

  • The vacation program runs as a separate course program and requires a new registration. The relevant courses are marked with the addition " Ferienangebot".
  • Compared to the semester program, there is no restriction on the number of courses that can be booked ("3-course rule" does not apply). However, for reasons of fairness, we would still ask you to only book the courses that you can actually participate in. If you are unable to attend a course for any reason, please make use of the self-cancellation option or send us an email immediately to hsp-infospam prevention@ifs.uni-tuebingen.de so that we can cancel your booking promptly and give someone else the chance to take your place.
  • During the vacations, there are cleaning days at the university halls on which no course can take place. The respective course dates can be found on the offer page by clicking on the date (as a link under "Period").
  • For insurance reasons, it is also not possible to try out the vacation program. Only registered persons with a valid ticket are entitled to participate.


Waiting list

If a course is fully booked, you have the opportunity to join the waiting list for the corresponding course. 

As soon as a spot becomes available, all persons on the waiting list will be contacted immediately and have another chance to book a spot. The "first-come-first-serve" principle applies.