Praktikum: Machine Learning in Graphics, Vision and Language 2P (6 LP) (Master) (ML4511)


This year's machine learning practical course will focus on exciting research projects in computer vision and natural language processing. You will be part of a team, learn how to conduct research within your group and report the results in regular meetings. Relevant experts will guide you throughout the course, and your work will be evaluated accordingly. Upon successful evaluation, you will receive 6 ECTs.

The total number of participants is expected to be within the range of 20–25 students. We allow groups with 4 to 5 students, depending on the total number of attendees. In the first meeting, you will be presented with a list of hot research topics from which you and your team members can choose. While we are flexible within the potential new directions and solutions you might discover for your project, the main focus should not deviate from your original topic.

Course Organisation

Tuesdays 16:00 - 18:00 (c.t.)

The course will be held in a hybrid format. The Zoom links and credentials for the joint meetings will be published on our Ilias page.
Most of the meetings during the course will happen on a per-group basis. These meetings will take place on Tuesdays at the TTR-2 building (MvL6, Maria-von-Linden-Str. 6) in the third-floor seminar room.


  • You are currently enrolled as a master's student.
  • You are familiar with Python and a deep learning framework such as Pytorch.+
  • Your English fluency is adequate for scientific reports & communication


There are two things you have to do to enroll in this course:

  1. Show up at our first meeting, where we will present various research topics that you will get the chance to work on. Be there at the first meeting (via zoom) on Tuesday 23.04.2024 at 16:00 - 18:00 c.t.. The Zoom link is : 

    Zoom Link
    Meeting ID: 937 6638 0174
    Passcode: 617869

  2. If you find the topics interesting, you can register for the course on ILLIAS after 25.04.2024 at 10:00 AM.