Dr. Victor Buendia


University of Tübingen
Maria von Linden Str. 6,
2nd floor, room 235,
Phone: +49 (0)7071 104056

Email-address:  vbuendiarspam prevention@onsager.ugr.es
web: https://victorseven.github.io/about/

Main research:

  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Self organization
  • evolutionary biology
  • non-equilibrium statistical physics

Short CV

since 2021
Postdoctoral researcher

Levina Lab, University of Tübingen

PhD: Neuronal synchronization.

Universidad de Granada (Spain) and Università di Parma (Italy)

M.Sc. in Physics of Complex Systems.

Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems. Mallorca, Spain

Selected publications:


  • Buendia, V., di Santo, S., Bonachela, J. A., and Muñoz, M.A. Feedback mechanisms for self-organizationto the edge of a phase transition. Front. Phys. 8:333 (2020).

  • Buendia, V., di Santo, S., Villegas, P., Buroni, R., and Muñoz, M.A. Self-organized bistability and its possible relevance for brain dynamics. Phys. Rev. Research 2, 013318 (2020).

  • Buendia, V., Villegas, P., di Santo, S., Vezzani, A., Buroni, R., and Muñoz, M.A. Jensen's force and the statistical mechanics of cortical asynchronous states. Scientific Reports 9, 15183 (2019).

  • Buendia, V., Muñoz, M.A., and Manrubia, S. Limited role of spatial self-structuring in emergent trade-offs during pathogen evolution. Scientific Reports, 8, 12476 (2018).


  • Victor Buendia. Synchronous and asynchronous dynamics in Neuroscience: a statistical physics approach. PhD thesis, 2021