Department of Finance


We provide different types of recommendation letters:

  1. Personalized recommendations, e.g. as required for scholarships (DAAD, Studienstiftung, etc.) or applications for Ph.D. programs
  2. Standardized recommendations, e.g. for applications for external Master programs or studies abroad
  3. Other purposes, e.g. job applications


1. Personalized letters of recommendation

We offer to write academic letters of recommendation for outstanding students. Such letters are formally required to apply for a scholarship or Ph.D. program. The letters are confidential and directly submitted to the addressee by us.


Required information:

Please keep in mind that the evaluation will be primarily based on the exams at the Department of Finance and the touch points to us.

Note that we can only take care of complete requests, which arrive us at least 4 weeks prior to the submission deadline.

Please send your request via email to fin-educationspam

2. Standardized letters of recommendation

We provide letters of recommendations for applications to external Master programs and for studies abroad only in a standardized way.


Required information:

Please allow ample time for your request (at least 4 weeks).

Please send your request via email to fin-educationspam

3. Recommendations for other purposes

Excellent students may request a recommendation letter for applications, which do not formally require a letter of recommendation. These letters are submitted to the requesting student and may only be used for the indicated application.

Note that we only write recommendation letters with a specific addressee. Please allow ample time for your request (at least 2 weeks).

Please submit your request indicating the purpose and addressee via email to fin-educationspam